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SMC does. Most of the pers in my unit just end up knocking on the G6 office door with "Pronto, my shit isn't working...fix it?"

Old habits die hard I guess...

I actually like Assyst. It's pretty painless. Same with the CE work order page now. And I find the response times are reasonable.

I would like to see if we could adopt something like these for supply.


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I've never been to the SJS page.

Have you seen the MMT collaboration page ?

We had a WO build a really good one. I will DM you the link once I'm done my taxes.
I use to have it as a favourite but have since lost it so please send away. I do remember the first time I saw it commenting to a colleague that it is typical DSC that the folks on the ground had to create a repository for that kind of stuff cause it isn't avail anywhere else. Whenever I want to to see good work I wonder over to the LEMS DRMIS Helpdesk on the DGLEPM sharepoint and stare wistfully at an org that takes care of its practitioners.

Makes me feel so dirty to say the RCEME Corps did something so well

I would like to see if we could adopt something like these for supply.

In a limited way that is already a thing in Ottawa