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"Numbers Stations"

It would be interesting to see if any such signals were coming from the big communications array south of Trenton near Carrying Place, ON.

Bert said:
I suspect a great number of strange broadcasts may be non-espionage in nature.
There are alot of ham operators and ham operated repeaters around the world
and some have their own proprietary methods of communication or identification.
Some of the monitored transmissions are in Mandarin Chinese. To your knowledge, is ham radio operation allowed in the Peoples' Republic of China?
this is the craziest thing i have ever read here, very interesting wish i could understand the techno speak. sounds too far fetched not to be true. the stranger the story  more likely  hood I am to believe it.

wonder if they  pick up this sort of thing outside ottawa at the Top secret place that monitors the airwaves. lots of dishes and masts there to get signals. I forget the name of it but they  were hiring math people not too long ago.
that is the place........sure looks cool in a drive by....never stopped to see or actually  look just drive on by
Here is a great website I found on this subject. It includes a comprehensive list of articles, personal websites, media reports and actual sound recordings of various different international Numbers Stations. Check it out!