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OD T-shirt recommendations (In lieu of issued T shirts)


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Big brother is cracking down on my T-shirts.  :-X

I've been wearing tan t shirts under my combats since 2006 (I don't have any green ones).  When pressed I managed to get one issued T shirt out of the QM.
The issued T-shirts make my nipples cry...
I have some green under armour t-shirts (and some fakey under armour I picked up in wainwright) but their a little shinny and get flaggged pretty easy.

Can anyone suggest an OD T shirt that is fairly passable as an issued T shirt but comfortable and good quality? Something from some aftermarket gear store like TAG, HSGI, TT, CP or something?

Bonus if it has some cool scary design under it that only I would know about when wearing it (like wearing superman underwear).
I picked up some in the Regt'l Kit Shop (For me the RCD).  I found them a heavier fabric than the issue ones.  Try one of the Kit Shops on Base.
Fruit of the Loom used to make some very comfortable and durable ones that were almost identical to the issued OD except yhey were much more comfortable and durable.
IIRC, you can get 5 sets of issue t-shirts a year from the QM. Same for the underwear and socks.
Try American Apparel.  Don't be put off by the goofy advertising.  They have a T-shirt called Fine Jersey with colours in "Olive" and another colour called, appropriately enough, "Army" that is a more subdued OD.  The shirts themselves are very light and comfortable.
Don't bother wearing Under Armor or similar. They are not authorized as they can shrink very quickly in a blast situation....they stick to you.
They are banned for wear with CADPAT here and Afghanistan.
Have you tried getting some fabric dye in OD? Try it on one, if it works keep going, if not keep looking.
You have several commercial options, although it depends on your budget...

1) Simple OD cotton t-shirt.  Various vendors.  Your best bet if you need this on the cheap.

2) FR shirts: Various types, most use modacrylic, vendors include Danskin, Potomac Field Gear, XGO etc.  DriFire tends to be the most widely worn/available in Canada.  Modacrylic, some vendors claim, releases noxious fumes on ignition...

3) Wool shirts:  I only know of a few in merino wool, and mostly in foliage green/coyote; you'll have to research for OD green but it is a good option if you are not allergic...

3) Cordura Baselayer.  My current personal pick.  Not FR but no-melt no drip, feels like cotton and breathes (the key, as I find Potomac, and to an extent DriFire, traps heat) and cheaper (TacWear in Toronto is a local source; USCAV in the States is clearing these things out at $15 each)

There are even more out there (CarbonX, Massif, Arcteryx LEAF had a baselayer in "spruce" etc), but I think given cost and availability cotton and the Baselayer are your best bets.  YMMV.