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Over the Hump Again


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In a little less than twelve hours (at 5:02 EST tomorrow morning), we will have completed yet another one of our journeys of 940 million kilometres around our little star and the days will start to get longer again, in the Northern hemisphere.

To our pagan friends, I say: Noel!

And for those of you who are amateur astronomers ... but don't really pay attention on a regular basis: If you look towards the South West shortly after sunset (232 degrees to be exact - currently a little right of the moon) you will see two bright objects (one brighter than the other) together in the sky low on the horizon (7 degree elevation to zero in about 45-50 minutes): They are Jupiter and Saturn, together in the same point on their respective orbits as seen from the earth. Such conjunction occurs only every 400 years. Enjoy!


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And the Google Doodle today celebrates the conjunction.

Too bad it will be cloudy this evening, but I'm hoping to catch a glimpse tomorrow night.

Happy Yule!!