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Packing for Basic [MERGED]

Do they take VISA? :)

I heard something about getting a couple bucks ($100) right off the bat to buy certain items from the CANEX. Know about this?
It's a good idea for you to bring some cash ($100 sounds good).  You won't be able to buy anything other than stuff from the Canex for the first few weeks, as you aren't allowed off base.  But all of those little supplies can add up, and I wouldn't count on seeing any pay for at least 4-6 weeks.  There is a bank machine in the MEGA.  As for the Canex taking VISA, I'm not 100% sure if they do, but they do sell high-ticket stuff (tv's, stereos, etc), and I can't see them expecting you to only be able to pay cash (just might mean that they only accept MasterCard).
The CANEX is actually in the MegaPlex and if I recall correctly, I was advanced cash for my initial purchases but that was 8 years ago. Another good tip, bring two of everything, one set for inspections and the other set for your use (toothbrushes, shaving cream, underwear, etc...). Once you have your locker squared away you don't want to go using everything in it.
There was a guy at my BMQ who was using his barrack box as a lunch box.   :D     Bring a bit of food, its always nice yo have something to drink/eat when your hungry...   as long as this doesnt happen

You can use Visa or Mastercard at the Canex.  But you cannot get cash back.  You do get an advance of $220 (in the 2nd week, I think).  Bring some cash with you.  Don't rely on the ATM machine at the Mega (in the orange sector).  Sometimes it's down and it takes a while to get fixed.
First off, good luck on your basic!

When it comes to boot polish, I swear by Kiwi polish for your black leather boots, but don't even THINK about using anything other than the bootpaste that comes in the little green can at the Canex for your Gortex boots. It's also not essential that you have it for the first day if you do not yet have your kit since the Canex is pretty good for things like that.

Things you will find useful (I thought it was a bunch of crock when I first heard about these)...

- Lighter - to burn all those annoying little threads off your uniform
- Insoles - I cannot stress enough that the green plastic insoles that you are issued for your boots are CRAP!!! Get a good pair of insoles that cushion your feet. Some people like the Dr. Scholls gel insoles, but I found that they tend to form around your feet and push on all the pressure points during long bouts on the parade square. Trust me. You can thank me later...
- Small Lint Brush - These little beauties take dust bunnies, hair and whatever else you get on your beret or DEUs off. Try buying one that fits into the palm of your hand and slips easily into your uniform. Don't worry too much about this though, as the Canex should have some. And tape works too.
- Pack of Cards - Cards are a great stress reliever (if you ever get time to play them) and keep your chest pockets looking rectangular (not bunched up). A pack of cigarettes works well too. Just make sure you take them out of the uniform you have hanging up in your closet before inspection.
- Small memo notepad - Cheap and great for taking down little notes (ie timings, duties you've been given, tasks to complete...). Put this in your other breast pocket. A pen is a great idea too although you will likely be provided with one. It's always good to be prepared though. Again, the Canex should have these things.
- Swiffer cloths - Great for taking the dust off the windowsill, headboards, locker shelves and floors... Just hide them before inspection or shove them in your pocket if the MCpl is all of two steps from your door.
- A Sense of Humour - One of the most important things you can bring is this! It makes the cock seem more bearable and brings your section together way better than yelling at each other and griping will ever do!

Hope this helps. Any questions, just ask.

I haven't got a call yet but I have started to gather the items I'll be needing to bring with me for basic and I had to use a hockey bag to hold everything and darn is it heavy. The only size of bag this stuff all fits in is my hockey bag and it's really really heavy. I was just curious as to how what kind of bag everyone else used for holding there items?
The 2 issued duffle bags and a issued ruck sack will hold all your kit.If your really keen.go to a surplus store and try and find a surplus Barracks Box.
gun plumber said:
The 2 issued duffle bags and a issued ruck sack will hold all your kit.If your really keen.go to a surplus store and try and find a surplus Barracks Box.

Just to be clear, they give you two empty duffel bags that you can use for your personal items?
Daryl J said:
Just to be clear, they give you two empty duffel bags that you can use for your personal items?

No, they have a precise layout for all items. The only thing that doesn't have some sort of regulation or pre-determined place is a shoebox where you can keep your personal items.
Additionally, you can buy a lot of that stuff when you get there if you don't feel like bringing it with you (ie. laundry detergent, boot kit, etc...)

All you really need to bring is your civvies and whatever toiletries you need to get by. If you don't have any money they will advance you some pay.

At least this is what they did on my basic training. Things may have changed since then...
was sworn in 2 days ago and this is what i was told,
ur only allowed to bring 2 bags on the plane, and they can't weigh more then 50 pounds. thats airline policy.
do not buy any locks, u have to buy the locks they sell u there.
everything u need u can buy there, so u don't need to stock up on everything, so u don't need to bring 10 weeks worth of shampoo and laundry detergent. just a lil for the first few weeks, then u can buy more.
iono if u have it or not, but on my list here of what to bring that u didn't mention is:
case for toothbrush
case for shoeshine kit
soap dish
coat hangers must be plastic and of the same colour
underwear must be the same colour
5x7 picture frame, we told to not be the only person to not bring one

and they don't give u a bag to cary it in, u have to have ur own.

I know some of you will be saying "don't worry", or "you'll see be patient"

if anyone has the "OFFICIAL LIST" of what to bring to st jean for basic training ,plllllllllllllllllllllease, post it !!!!!
Is this stuff all straight off a list of some sort? What the heck do you need dish towels for? Are you sure they didn't mean hand-towels?

With regards to the lint brush, the roller type with the sticky throw away stuff is the best, but also doesn't last nearly as long as a normal brush sort of lint brush.

Q-tips, make sure you bring a huge box (The boxes of 300 are a good start. Anything bigger would probably hard to stick somewhere it won't be noticed).

Hangers, a dozen should be more then enough, but if you had a list that said bring 20, bring 20.

For the laundry detergent, liquid is preferable to powder.
It's basically the standard sort of stuff you'd bring on a trip. Really, don't worry. They'll give you a list.
If you are doing the reg force basic in St-Jean, here is how it was for me ( albeit it was in 93):

We showed up, the gave us a pay advance of $60 and then we were marched to Canex.  They told us to buy everything that was out on the floor in the isles.  Tha stuff was locks, towels, q-tips, case for your soap.....etc.....  Remarkably it amounted to $59.99 taxes included !  All i brought with me was some civy clothes.......shoe polish was on the canex floor too.  My ex-wife went trough St-jean 2 years ago and it was the same for her course.

Anyways...good luck, CFRC should tell you waht to bring with you.......enjoy
hey guys what do you do with stuff like you wallet, bank cards, ID etc?
I wounld think you cary that around with you all the time?
Hey, I'm at basic training right now, going into week 7.

So, they will give you a list of kit to bring don't worry. You can bring a hockey bag, I've seen some people do that, but me, I brought a back pack with like to civvy changes of clothes, and a big duffle bag full of kit they told me to bring. Things you dont get on the list, you can buy here at the canex, they advance you money. Just don't worry about it. you also have a personal box to put your crap in. Its a shoe box.