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Parachutist wings from cadets on my PRes or RegF uniform

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Hey, if all goes to plan.....I‘m taking the army cadet parachutist course this summa(2003)...I‘m in BC so this spring break i got a pre-para course (its all PT)......only bc does that.......then i‘m off to connaught for 2 weeks of more PT and then 3 weeks at Trendon for the actual jump course for the 5 jumps.........
quit bragging to get attention

oh, look at me, I‘m taking para as a cadet...

I wouldent be so cocky, acting like your gonna pass it, Para is a damn hard course
Does anybody know if it would be harder to get onto the Para course though Cadets or the Reserves (specificaly QOR)? If you wanted do do it in the reserves what are you‘re chances compared to trying through cadets.
I asked my Section commander on my QL3 infantry. "how hard is it to get your jump course" his exact words were: "quit and join cadets".

I topped my BMQ, SQ, BIQ so for a reward they told me I could have my name on the top of any course I wanted. I Told them I want basic para, they said "Yea, we meant any course except that one." turns out, the next one i asked for (basic recce) was only offered to regs.

hope that clears it up for ya. I believe Queens Own Rifles in Toronto‘s secondary func. is Airborne, you MAY be able to get it, if your in their unit of course. :skull:
A few years ago i would have said cadets for sure, though to actually get the jump course as a cadet i can only imagine that you would have had to been in the unit for years and had a lot of seniority.

Lately reserves are starting to get more and more jump courses.
I Know a Cadet who thinks he‘s gonna get away with wearing his jumpwings he earned in cadets on his CF‘s when he joins the Reserves. C‘mon now!! :skull:
Carl G.: You can wear cadet jump wings on your CF dress uniform, but it‘s the ONLY thing that transfers over from cadets to the army.
There is no such thing as "cadet jump wings." There are only CF parachute wings. It is the same course with the same qualification.
McG: Yes, but I menat the wings earned in cadets. And yes, they‘re the same as CF para wings.

Though I think the course is wasted on cadets.
The basic para crse is open to Cadets Reserve and Reg units, thats true. I would have to say that as for units that do NOT require the crse to carry out their primary function. ie: Para sub units. It is a crse that is given to people who deserve it. Alot of times it is given to people who deserve a reward of some type for their efforts. Alot like other not trade specific crse‘s. I would have to say that if you really want the crse, then impress that fact upon your supervisors and, just keep on asking.
dont give up, eventually you will get it.
Your not the only one going for para this summer. We dont get pre course in sudbury or area though.Kinda sucksWhat‘s your
That is a brigade patch for the brigade that the Canadian Airborne Regiment was a part of.. it is worn on the shoulder of the Dress,Environmental Uniform. Of course, it is no longer being used as the Regiment has been disbanded...

It is the Special Service Force (SSF) Patch to which 2 CMBG became after the disbandment of the CAR and the Airborne Battle Group. :(
Thanks, I couldn‘t get it out in words.. but I knew that‘s what the answer was.. Superbowl night and all, mind a little off...

I need to know the prerequisites for the para course, ex: CL, CLI, etc. please! :fifty: :tank:
i‘m pretty sure it‘s just CLI and NSCE. i remember some guys from selection getting turned down because they didn‘t have NSCE, and from what i remember everyone on course had at least a CLI.
According to CATO 42-01 you need to be NSCE qualified and have passed any WO qualifying course, ie: CLI. Also, you have to have reached the age of 17 by August 1st of the training year and not 18 by the end of the course. You also need to be recommended by your CO in conjuction with your Corps‘ sponsor. Also, you‘ll need to pass a medical administered by a CF doctor, and finally, pass the your region‘s PT test to be considered. Generally, there are more cadets that pass than there are spots, so there is usually a waiting list of candidates. If you‘re really interested in getting on this course, talk to your unit CO AND Admin Officer to make sure you make all the deadlines for paperwork, physicals, tests etc. Then start training - I can‘t stress enough how important physical fitness is to passing this course!

Good luck!
Depends, QOR have jump tasking, to support CPC and 3RCR, but lately as part of some retention intiatives, they have started allowing more people other than QOR take a jump course, although it is more helpful to be in 32 Brigade (the brigade with QOR), as you will find they are reluctant to give jump courses to people who will never get the chance to jump after course, unless they are near a jump unit.