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Policy on Clickers?

I have clickers on the boots... wear them in my garage(workplace). When people question me, I just tell them I had them done on my PLQ way back. Dodge1936 should remember me there. ;D

Once time clickers were frown at, due to propane engines. But those days are long gone.
I've had my boots double soled, had both front and heel with clickers on them for years. I had zero issues with  superiors over the years. Even had to double gun tape them to get onto aircrafts a few times. The only negative side is that I have almost landed on the backside a few times on polished hallway floors. Propane powered vehs were a non issues as I was driving smp with combat/ssf jump/garrison boots.
Hey everyone,

Quick question, I have a pair of the old style parade boots and they have Clickers on them. What's the policy on Clickers these days? Not sure if it has changed at all.  I stopped wearing them because we weren't allowed to have them while on ship.

I know the CO wears them and some SNCOs, but we know how that old saying of "do as I say, not as I do" goes.

I’ve worn them since the start with zero issues.
Thanks once again Garb. Double thanks if you're the one that combined my thread in with the other....  Should've done a little better homework.  Damn mobile's..
Worn them for the past 30 years and never had an issue.

SupersonicMax said:
Why would people want clickers??

They are useful when you do parades, having a full BN do a march past with clickers sounds good and helps people stay in step.
SupersonicMax said:
Why would people want clickers??

I did not wear them, but have read some discussions,

Looking for Cobbler that sells clickers in Toronto 
"My God man! You'll have the safety freaks hunting you down with dull knives if you put those dastardly things on your boots!"

Member of Ceremonial Guard Wounded by Bayonet 
"I came back to post when I had the epiphany of the fact that it was most likely the metal "clickers" that so many put under their boots."
4 pages.

"Does anybody put "clickers" in these?"

dangerboy said:
They are useful when you do parades, having a full BN do a march past with clickers sounds good and helps people stay in step.

We actually have a full BN these days?

I wore clickers on my boots back in the day and it was much easier to be in step especially when the soldiers put a bit of extra emphasis on the left foot. Always wondered if officers put them on their oxfords/shoes back then...

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I've still got clickers on a couple pairs of drill boots form my Ceremonial Guard days back in 2005/06. I don't know if they still get them there, I know at the time it sounded great. I also know that making everyone walk on pavement/cobbles with small metal plates on the toes and heels of their boots is really dumb, as as Mariomike mentioned, may have contributed to one troop getting a bayonet through his arm a few years ago. I've also been the tumbling part in a clicker wipeout. From an occupational health and safety standpoint it's exceptionally dumb.

They sound sharp as hell though, and for that reason, and because as soldiers we irrationally do dumb stuff sometimes, a lot of us still like to have them, myself included- for the very rare times where I'm wearing drill boots.
SupersonicMax said:
Why would people want clickers??
Seldom talked about, but the stigma is real;  donate today to find a cure for tap-dancer envy!

dangerboy said:
They are useful when you do parades...
Ah, well then, you enjoy. 

"We can't all be heroes, because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap when they go by."
        Will Rogers (1879 - 1935)

Am I the only one who thinks of this every time someone says "clicker"?