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Porter Airlines?


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  Hey all.  So I know a couple of people who have flown Porter and they have some positive things to say.  So I was just wondering what anyone else has to say about the new(ish) airline? 
  I don't want to slag Air Canada too much..( I used to work for them :-X...).....but as well we need their international service for sure.  As of late though, I find their domestic service is very bland.

  Later guys
I flew home on Porter for the first time, and was quite happy with them. The price was comparable (or better) than Air Canada or Westjet, the plane was quiet and had tons of legroom (not something I often see on a plane being 6'3") and most importantly, free beer in flight ;)
I am fed up with Air Canada domestic flight services. I am considering more and more flying with the newish airlines.
If you need to be in downtown Toronto, fly Porter.  I've only done Ottawa to Toronto and back, but it's a pleasant experience compared to other airlines that shall remain nameless.

Did the Toronto to Halifax route (via Ottawa) and was impressed. $99 + tax, got a free sandwich and beer (a TALL can of Steamwhistle no less!!). Staff were nice, seats were comfy, we left on time and arrived early.
Staff were actually nice?  Wow, I haven't heard that about an airline in years :P
Just outstanding service !  A step back in time to the salad days of air travel before airliners became flying cattlecars.
Big fan of Porter! They were at the Military Family days in Dockyard with a kiosk with discounts for the military. Thought that was cool as I have never seen Air Canada other than the picket line.

They have another promo on right now:

Porter is great for those regional-type flights, although they also have a new route to Boston and are considering expanding in the East end of operations too.  Free drinks are always a bonus, plus better baggage allowances and everybody is quite friendly.  One of the best bits is that you can fly out of Toronto Island aeroport, rather than YYZ (in spite of recent improvements, it's still a pain).

Perhaps best of all, they always have some kind of promotional deal going on, if you do a bit of searching.
Sounds great!  How much do they charge to use those ferries to get to Downtown?
Ferry to and from the island airport is free.  From the terminal, there's a free shuttle to and from union station.

And the beer is king cans of Steam Whistle.  What more could you ask for?
I'm impressed!  When I go to T.O. my destination is always near downtown, so more Pearson if  I can avoid it!
The downtown location is a lot easier, especially if you live in the east end like I do, driving all the way to Pearson is a pain...