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Question about going on course



I just got my Joining Instructions for my BMQ course today, an I got a few questions

1.)when it says I need to bring my own PT Gear, what if any restrictions do I have?

like color wise

an do they have to be plain, or can they have a logo

2.) it tells me I have to arrive on course with some documentation

I found the route letter, but I cant find my task/loading message, I cant find any form labelled it

thanks for the help/info
for PT gear, plain is better, but pretty much anything is fine. However if you show up with a rude slogan like a numptie on my course, you could get in $hit for it. His was "drunk chicks think I‘m hot". Don‘t do that, anything else should be ok.

As for documentation, bring whatever was given to you. If there‘s anything missing, they‘ll just call your home unit.
I am ready to hand in my application at head office.

I have a question,can I go to two different units and fill up an application to show I would like to go to either one or can I just right both units down on one application form?
putting in 2 applications will screw you up most likely when the CFRC process‘s them

just goto the unit your interested in joining, fill out the application, on one part of it, you chose what MOC‘s you want, just list your choices, your MOC choices dont have to be one‘s that are strictly just at that unit you got an application from

when I applied for the Reserves, I went to a Service Battalion, an for my MOC choices I put down Service trades an Infantry