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Question for EDTs


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Hello folks:

I am currently applying to re-enlist into the military as an EDT with the goal being to earn my Red Seal electrician ticket. However, there is one thing that is holding me back from going this route.

A trend that REALLY concerns me is the CF combining trades together. When I was in the military the first time around, I enlisted as a Naval Weapons Technician. About a year or so into my initial trade training, they combined the Weapons Techs, Radar Techs, Sonar, and Fire Control into one big trade called Weapons Engineering Tech. I worked my tail off to get my logbook done. Then the people up top who managed the training would change the logbook. So I was in a situation where I would take a step forward and then two steps backward. This went on for a couple of years. When I was in, I took my training very seriously. However I eventually got fed up and left the military due to the mismanagement, disorganization, and lack of progress.

I have been hearing that this trade amalgamation is happening again with the Marine Engineer trade so any Marine Electricians that were working on their hours are going to get screwed out of getting their tickets.

So my question for the EDTs in here: has anything official or unofficial come down the vine about combining the Construction Engineering Trades?