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Question Regarding the Interview Process, More Specifically Previous Drug Use.

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First off i want to apologize to the DS, i know that this topic has a 1001 threads on it, and i have searched through and read a majority of them looking for a more specific answer to my questions than the one most often given. I do not wish to start a huge thread on previous drug use. I understand the policy and i have no problem with that, or waiting the required 6 months clean.

However, my question is this. How in detail should one go when disclosing previous drug use? i have no problem fully disclosing my past, as i was a teenager and did things that i would not do now. My wife however has informed me that when nervous (yes i will most likely be nervous, not because i would have anything to hide, but because it is a very important interview to me) i tend to ramble on and talk ALOT. So should i disclose as much as i can without withholding anything yet try and keep it short and sweet? or should i go into as much detail as i can? such i have done marijuana in the past however have smoked some that was laced with other drugs that i did not know of and would never have done by themselves?

I could not find an open drug use discussion thread to post in so that is why i created this one, sorry. If someone could answer me the best they can before this thread is closed, as i am sure it will as every other one has and understandably so.
Certainly disclose everything, but keep it short and sweet.  If more information is needed you'll be asked to elaborate.
thank you both for quick replys and efficient answers :).  If the DS's wish to close this now so that it doesnt get out of hand like so many other threads they may do so :)
Not open for further replies.