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Quiet in here....


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No posts in 5 days....guess we're all at sea/busy?

What's happening in the real world?

Sorry- house hunting in Halifax has left me a bit out the loop... :)
The whole site seems pretty quite lately
I know we've had good weather in the praries
thats probalby the answer
currently raning in south Ontario...seems like its going to be like that for some time. ;D
just recently at AWC-RAF Waddington....man did the UK Pound kill the Canadian dollar.....WHOA!
Is anybody heading down south for Fleet Week? I would love to go, but my Sea King course just seems to keep dragging on. Oh well, there's always next year!
We are fogged in here on the rock, can hardly see the keyboard, but it's great running weather.  8)
Time to hit some cougars on George Street!!!! >:D

Did HMCS Toronto's manned refit in 1999 in the foggy city.

Is the Eager Beaver still eager?