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Good day fellow Canadians.

So I released in October, as an end of contract. Held the rank of Cpl was army, was planning on going airforce. Got into civi life and regretted it. I'm looking at re-enrolling. Some questions popped up. I plan on going to avn or acs
  • how long does re-enrolment take ?
  • do I qualify for a pmq instead of shacks on PAT.
  • how long is typical wait times in PAT for these trades
  • Any in-sights of how courses look for wait times and training lengths?

Thanks guys.
I can't answer all your questions but I have experience with re-enrollment. I left in 2012 as a MCpl and re-enrolled in 2017 in a different trade. It took me 10 months to get back in from the time I sent an application to the recruiting centre in Edmonton until I was sworn back in. I received a recruit school bypass and was brought back in as a Corporal. I'm told the delay is caused by needing to get my file from archives so they can review it to determine what rank and IPC I'll be given.

My trade posts people to a developmental unit directly from BMQ for OJT while awaiting a QL3 and I was posted to Wainwright upon enrollment. I had a house in Edmonton with my wife and was not authorized to move my F&E to Wainwright until after I was trade qualified. I had a room in the shacks while on the BTL, once I completed my QL3 I sold my house and my wife moved with me. Not sure how it works for other situations.

Do you think me getting back in, as I released as a corporal. I will be demoted to a one hook?
I plan on re-enrolling in October! I talked to a recruiter today and they did say the trade I wanted was hurting. So that's a good sign. They also said because i was previously enrolled my file should be expedited. And i could wait between 4-12 months dependant on secuirty clearance wait times as I have to get a whole new one.