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Patrolman said:
In the Infantry we have an actual course but we also have occasions where a soldier may not be qualified but be in recce. This usually happens when the Pl is in need of drivers or replacements for people who leave after promotion. Soldiers who have the potential to pass the course are sent as replacements. When a course is run they attend and if they fail they are sent back to a rifle company.

Ahhhh....seen    ;)

I am actually an RCR not a Patricia, but we also have our own t-shirts. I never bought one I must say. As for recce stores I am referring to where work on a daily basis in garrison, not a kit shop.

That explains it...wasn't sure if they had their own kitshop in a rest easy or something.

What's on your t-shirt besides a deer. I forget what it is called it is called not a deer! I say this because I saw your Terry Fox run pictures. Anyways keep those recce eyes peeled in A-Stan. ( Are you still there)

It's a Springbok, everyone in the RCD wears it and it's rare to see someone with a different shirt now because the entire Regiment is Recce. Be kinda silly having everyone wearing a big RECCE crest on a black shirt wouldn't you think?

and no....I got back from the sandbox about 3.5 weeks ago and I'm on re-integration leave, or whatever it's called now.

In Meaford, sketched into one of the bathroom walls it says "You know you're weak, when your kit carries you..."

LOL, I remember those too.  There were also a few other insults etched at the Armoured corps, complete with spelling mistakes and all...(Infatry..lmao)
I could start the whole Recce is earned in the Infantry and given to the Armored, but this isn't that type of thread  ;)

As for Recce Shirts I have 2 one was a custom job by a friend of mine commissioned by my wife after passing the course ( he is a screen printer) and the other was Platoon wide one, Guys are right it's a pride thing, that's why we make them, We "like" to think we special, course that could be shortbus, hockey helmet special...but special none the less HAHAHAHA!

Yup Rory feel free to walk into 1 RCR Recce PL and call them tools, I'll be the on laughing at the back when they string you up by toe nails :D
So u think recce isnt earned in the armoured corp i can tell u every dragoon in the  recce sqns have earned it .....regardless theres no need for insults especially about regts, we work closely with recce platoon and have heard no complaints. Dragoons are proud about being recce and F***ing good at it proven it time and time again weve earned our recce role.

In the infantry, the recce course is probably one of the physically toughest courses available, barring the more advanced ones, like PPF etc.

Candidates regularly return to their companies 10-15lbs lighter, and queries as to "how the course went" are answered with a shudder. People that are likely to fail are not loaded on the course in the first place, but a significant number always do, often in the first week, when they face the twice daily PT.

I know quite a few tankers, and I know, for a fact, that there is no infantry recce course equivalent, or anything even remotely close, so give it up.
GO!!! said:
Well, there is;

1) the "tab"

2) the crossed knives for your DEUs

3) the snake/bayonet (sometimes with wings for para)

4) the skull/bayonet (also used for Abn Mortars)

(and my favorite)

5) the skull/snake/bayonet/wings/parachute with crossed knives and "recce" written accross the top.

Most of these are just designed and made up in limited numbers by the guys in Recce Pl. Sometimes they get carried away...

I know GO!!! really wanted to add #6 as well...a fist sprouting from a pair of binoculars, throat punching a Fig.11-esque 'baddy'?  ;)
Well no one said that the recce course was not hard  and im not, but our role is recce its not just a course its what we do in theatre and on every ex ...as well as the infantry recce platoon i understand that , and we arent tankers anymore we are recce ...now i know you are gonna come back and and throw insults around thats fine i can take it but again no need for insulting regt's
They are two different kinds of recce, with their own styles and nuances. Your comparing oranges to grapefruits. Same family, different menu. Quit arguing about it.

My comment was ment as a poke at Franko, who I am sure knows me well enough have taken it in jest.

As for the rest of your complaints and/or points, Recceguy is right it's apples and oranges I know full well I cannot use a Coyote to it's fullest potential like and RCD Surv op can, And I also know that an RCD Recce trooper cannot do the CTR ( Close Target Recce ) like I can.
HitorMiss said:
My comment was ment as a poke at Franko, who I am sure knows me well enough have taken it in jest.

Oh....that's what that was?    ;D

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