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Recruit school bypass


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Hey guys just woundering how long your basic training is good  for?
If you get out and then decide to get back into the CF within a year, it should still be good.  If you wait two or more years, you will probably have to do it all over again.

I was concerned with this same question. If you do BMQ regular force, then it's 5 years. If I'm wrong I'm sorry, but I talked to my recruiter the other day and that's what the good  cpl said. If you did your BMQ in the reserves, I'm not sure but you have to have a certain amount of pte (b) time in in order to get a BMQ bypass.
Does anyone know the link to it? I have it on paper but no referrence. Could someone get me a link for it.
Thank you.
What specifically are you looking for info about moving the dependants to training site or post-QL3 location?  From my experience neither is normally done, but there have been exceptions I'm sure.
The directive you have been given was developed by the CFRG HQ Comptroller and is based on many references and regulations.  It has been forwarded to the CFRC/Ds on the recruiting network to help to explain to enrollees the entitlements that may or not be available to them.
I need some serious help, I went to BMQ in St.Jean in September of 2008, I graduated after Christmas in 2009! I had no problems and never was recoursed. I was army-infantry, and after grad was posted to Meaford! While I was there I was told my DP1 course would start until Septemeber. Therefore I was on PAT! Even when I was on BMQ I wanted to do an OT. I was told to graduate first and then go through with it. In Meaford I filled my OT papers and was told to report to the MWO. He advised me not to do an OT because it would take to long to complete, and instead release and re apply.

This is what I did, I was there until April 2009 when I released. When I was released they told me I was to wait 6 months to re apply and probably best to re apply in April 2010, this is what I did . I got an offer for Navy Nciop and was set to go in August when I received a call for me to go in and speak with a captain! He informed me that they completed my CRNC for NCIOP , but when I released they never closed my old CRNC. I was told to wait for it to get fixed and I would be going!

I didn't receive my call until the following April 2011. They said everything is good CRNC, etc. We have an offer for you, Recruit school bypass Esquimalt, BC. You get inducted on May 4th and fly out May 5th. I had all my flight information, etc. On May the 3rd, 2 days before I was leaving I received a call for Capt. Stating that there was a problem and PLAR in Ottawa declined my recruit school by pass. He informed me that BMQ expires after 2 years! I missed the enrollment date by 1 month, My understanding was that BMQ was good for 5 years and 10 years if you finished your trade course!

I am now sitting back in St.Jean, awaiting my week 0 course to start May 16th. Every NCO or Officer I speak with and they ask me why I am here! When I explain the situation they are very confused. I need to speak with someone about this and get it taking care of, I really don't want to do Basic all again but if I have to then whatever.

I never finished my QL3 before I released and that is why I apparently have to do it again, I have been trying to search for information on how this all works on QR&Os etc.

Why waist money on me to do this all again, I know how to do everything on this course!
Any information would help. Thanks

Would like to figure this put before May 16th to see if I can get posted to trade instead of BMQ.
Send me a PM. I am curious as to who you are. I was your PL WO (I had over 100 troops at any one time then) in Meaford. I think I need to set you straight...
If you successfully completed BMQ you shouldn't have to do it again so soon...
Do you know how often experienced members have asked if they would want to do basic again?
or how many would be willing to offer to do so?

Instead of asking why this is a problem?
Consider viewing it through comparing your strengths and areas to improve.
You know what you are strong in and what you want to get better at. Someone, even in basic is always better.
Use that and benefit from it as you progress onward to your trades training.
Mr. Bond ;D I agree with the above 2 posts.  Timeline, you did a 10 week course/pat platoon for 4 months then got out for 2 years.  PLAR determined that you missed the cut-off by a month; time to get on with it 007.  :2c: the time to have had this dilemma was prior to arriving in Quebec and politely disagree with the statement "I know how to do everything on this course!"   Good luck / get used to the redundancy.
I am prepared and ready to do Basic again. I don't have a problem with that. It's the fact that I am being pursued by BMQ staff on base to fight this case. They don't want me here! The have made it clear to me that being here is a waist of time for the military and the school. Im having trouble getting a meal card at St Jean because in the system it lists me as a graduate and not a recruit. Recruits , staff and civilian contractors are the only ones who get one. Everywhere I go on base it has caused a Problem and they want me to take care of it!

Going on course, May 16th and looking forward to meeting new "family". When I said I know everything... I was talking about tests and classes they teach you. I can always touch up on drill, section attack formations, CPR etc.

I just feel they are waisting time and money on myself when someone else could be in my spot.

Anyways, my SGT is sending off another PLAR request, doubt anything will happen. But at this point, I don't care I'm going back on course... I will be able to help others as much as possible and hopefully limit getting "jacked up"..ya right, lol
Good to hear that your sergeant is now doing something about this.  The implication throughout your previous posts was that folks were expecting YOU to fix this problem.  I'm sorry, but ordinary seaman or privates don't fix these sort of problems.  This is the job of the Divisional System (Chain of Command  for non-navy types).  Not only should your sergeant be involved, but you platoon commander and company commander should be making some phone calls to either send you off to the next phase of training or at least sorting out your meal card!

On the bright side, if you end up doing BMQ again, you have some advantage in that it is not entirely new to you and you now have a chance to do it better, but you can probably be a bit more relaxed (not in effort so much as the ability to understand what is truly important).  Your coursemates will look up to you as a mentor.

On the down side, the staff will expect more from you.  They too will see you as a mentor and expect you to help and guide the others.

Finally, without passing judgement on the OP, there are a few lessons learned here:

1) Don't accept an occupation on enrollment with the idea that you'll be able to re-muster later.  Be sure of the choices you make.

2) If you decide after the fact that your assigned occupation simply isn't right, I question the wisdom of releasing in order to re-apply.  An Occupational Transfer can take a long time, but so does re-applying.  However, with an OT, at least you're still employed and drawing a paycheque.
Hey let me know what your outcome is, you sound like you are going through the same thing I am...or will be. I was in just over a year(whole time i was on PRETC)  and released for family reasons. I passed BMQ and got the top athlete award. I am going back in however they are saying new criteria came out in 2010 saying unless you are QL3 you have to redo basic. I am not looking forward to it
Stacked said:
Look at it this way, you're back in the forces in a trade you wanted. BMQ is 14 weeks, just do it again and have fun with it. After that on to the Fleet School and the rest of your career.

Unacceptable. This member should not have had to undertake BMQ once they've passed. Its like having to take a leadership course again once you've passed it.

Sorry, I have to disagree with you. Particularly when I see pers out five years, and back in with no problems.
The directive came from CDA saying anyone prior to 2010 would have to redo basic unless QL3 Quaified. Not many recruit centers are aware. I did find out however CDA has given CFRC the authority to bypass people. Did they write RSBP on your application?
I'm in the PRes as a Combat Engineer with a CT in for RegF (Aircraft Structure Tech) and I just had to update my physical fitness test. Now I'm waiting again. I believe the trade opens up in April so hopefully I hear from them soon.

So far with the PRes I have BMQ and BMQ-Land (Soldiers Qualifications) so a total of 2 months of course. I understand that Basic in the Regular Force is roughly 3 months in duration so will they make me do BMQ again in Saint Jean? I wont mind if I do because it would all be mostly a review of what I've learned already and it would be good to maybe get a refresher. The only reason I don't want to retake it is so I can get going with my trades course.

Much of your answer depends on how long you've been in the P Res.

CDA Directive 01/12 Annex A sets the validity period for NCMPD courses.  For example, if you have completed P Res Army BMQ and BMQ (Land)  and have less than 12 months of qualifying service (defined by CBI 204.015(2)) your qualificaton remains valid for 24 months and you are eligible to be granted the CF BMQ.

CDA Directive 01/12 Annex A is only available through the DWAN.  PM me if you want the link.

Im more or less in the same situation. I put a CT in from my P Res Army unit, to an RMS Clerk Reg Force (Navy). My interview is next week and then I should receive an offer from my broker quick. I have completed my BMQ/BMQ (L) and my controlled goods awareness... I have been in my unit for 13 months... Any idea if I should get the bypass?