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Replica Lee Enfield Rifles

Ba gave up on the idea of rubber Lee Enfields. To busy these days.
found these though...

I think my unit uses .22's with the bolts removed. I'm not sure if they have been modified any further, they seem okay to me... Correct me if I'm wrong-
-If all that has been done is that the bolts have been removed they are still firearms and must be secured, transported and possessed as such.  Check the CFC website.
most units that parade with .22s parade with the rifles that are premanently plugged or modified so they are unable to fire rounds.
Wolfmann said:
Detachments are starting to get dwindling stocks, and less are being replaced. As well, Sea Cadet corps seem to be the only one's that hold a numerous amount of DP and other rifles. We have to provide our DP rifles to the air and army cadets for Remembrance, as the only .22's they have are the one's used for non-air rifle zone competitions. I believe part of the problem is that the Air and  Army cadets parade out of the P Res barracks and don't have a lot of space to share, whereas we have our own building and do.

What the actual standard is, I don't know, but that's how it's handled in our neck of the woods.
I remember when 349 RCSCC Chilliwack started up they were going to get some No4 DP's donated to them. But then they ran into the problem of storage. And it's not that there's no room, because they parade at CFB Chilliwack which is a massive and partialy deactivated base. The storage problem came from the fact that, to store the No4 DP's, even though they were blocked, they still had to be under lock and key...and alarm. Aswell the alarm had to be monitered.
Now, when they originally were given the idea of storing the DP's, they had thought they could just lock them up in an office. But when they found out all the details, they just couldn't afford to alarm the one room and have someone be payed to sit by and monitor the alarm.

I suspect that the same thing happens to other corps and squadrons.

My own corp (former corp I should say) has 15 No4 MkII rifles for regular parade, and 10 No5 MkI rifles (just like the No4 but pistol grip and short forestock) for training purposes. 25 Lee Enfields in all ;D
To store any weapons, replicas, swords or air rifles. they need to be stored in a lockable locker with bar across, locked with DND lock, then the locker bolted to the floor, that locker must be locked up in a lockable room using DND approved lock. If its any type of rifle replica, deact, or air rifle, they also have to be locked in a gun case using DND locks.
So, in the end. you have LOTS of keys. OH and by the way, if you need a bolt for  therifle to work, example, lee enfield or c7, the bolts have to be locked up like CRAZY separately from the rifles.

:) Cadets LIKE LOCKS:D
Bergeron 971 said:

they have all the keysfor those locks in my armoury, locked in a small case locked to the wall, locked in a room with a separate key in a separate case somewhere else, lol I never realised it before but yes, they really do like them  ;D
I think some would only laugh at us for looking up air rifles like we do out nuclear weapons.
Bergeron 971 said:
I think some would only laugh at us for looking up air rifles like we do out nuclear weapons.

Now you've done it.  Most people don't even know we HAVE nukes.  ::)
3 nukes is a bit excessive to protect a flag, isn't it?
While on the topic, any known replicas of the FN out there?
The FN? not that i know of, a friend of mine has a deact FN, thats as close as you will get.
If you scowered the internet you'd probably find some in the US for an unbelievable price.
Deactivated (DEWAT) FNs - mostly Australian L1A1s and Indian IA1s - are avail in Canada.  More will be on the market as owners of Prohib 12(5) OIC #13 rifles DEWAT them to sell them.