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Report on CAF intel: National Security & Intelligence Cttee of Parliamentarians


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1) Announcement of 1st annual report by new NSICOP, redacted by gov't:

2) Recommendations on CAF intelligence activities (one of two focuses of 2018 report):

In its review of the intelligence activities of DND/CAF, NSICOP recommends that:

    The Department of National Defence/Canadian Armed Forces (DND/CAF) review and strengthen its administrative framework governing defence intelligence activities, particularly with respect to the Ministerial Directive on Defence Intelligence, to ensure that it meets its own obligations on governance and reporting to the Minister of National Defence, and is properly tracking the implementation of those obligations. In particular:

        Devise a standard process, or principles, for determining a nexus between a defence intelligence activity and a legally authorized mission;
        Document its compliance with obligations in the Directive, including in areas of risk specified in the Directive not currently included in annual reports to the Minister; and
        Implement a standardized process for interdepartmental consultations on the deployment of defence intelligence capabilities, including minimum standards of documentation.
    The Government amend Bill C-59, An Act respecting national security matters, to ensure that the mandate of the proposed National Security and Intelligence Review Agency includes an explicit requirement for an annual report of DND/CAF activities related to national security or intelligence.
    Drawing from the Committee’s assessment and findings, the Government give serious consideration to providing explicit legislative authority for the conduct of defence intelligence activities
[emphasis added].

The Committee has announced its program for 2019 with reviews examining: the collection, use, retention and dissemination of information on Canadian citizens by the DND/CAF in the conduct of defence intelligence activities; threats to national security from foreign interference; the national security and intelligence activities of the Canada Border Services Agency; and, a study of diversity and inclusion in Canada’s security and intelligence community.

“We look forward to continuing our review of Canada’s security and intelligence community to ensure it works together to protect our security, our rights and our institutions,” Mr. McGuinty concluded...

3) Full text of report (quite a few references to HUMINT):