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Reserve to reg or sign up straight for reg force?


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This April i will be done my first year in college. I will graduate April 2012.  Is it wise for me to apply before finishing my education (April 2011) to guarantee a spot, or should i first graduate and then apply.  I just want to know how long the whole process takes.  I want to join as a veh tech reg force but don't want to wait another 2 years to get into the army as i already have.  Or is it possible to join as vehicle tech reservist and then when i am done college switch to full time?
If you're still in college, you won't be able to attend classes when they offer you a position. Recruiting times vary.

Unless you are applying for ROTP, you should join the reserves and finish your schooling, then look into possibilities in the regular force at that time. Remember, should you complete a degree, there's no guarantee they will accept you as an officer when you're with the reserves. You will have to show leadership and potential.

You may want to talk to a recruiter about the Non-Commissioned Member Subsidized Eduaction Plan (NCM SEP).  This plan allows applicants to be recruited as trades persons (i.e. vehicle tech), train at a civvy college during the school year and do CF training and employment over the Summers.  At the end of it all, you have a civvy trades ticket and a job in the CF for a few years following graduation.  This is called "obligatory service" and it's how the CF recouperates the money spent to train you in your chosen trade.

Like I said at the beginning:  start by talking to a recruiter about NCM SEP.
Usually the CF won't accept you into a SEP program unless you have more than 18 months left of school. However, I did say USUALLY. The best thing to do is like Haggis said go into a Recruiting Centre and talk to them. You can also look at a Reserve Service Battalion. You can be a Reserve AND go to school at the same time. Reserves is a good way to make some cash while your in school and get a taste of the military life to see if it's for you.

Talk to a Recruiter and see what your options are.
Good luck
Thank you guys for the reply's .  I like to come to this site for some answers.  I'v been to the recruiting office a few times and I find they're not all that helpfull.