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Reserve Training Schedule


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Is training mandatory every summer for a reservist? Is it okay to do just one course per summer or do we have to give up our entire summer? I am a university student right now looking to join the reserves but would like to do work during the summer that is related to my studies such as internships and not necessarily work full time at the army reserves.
You're not required to work during the summer. Typically this is when you would complete BMQ and trades training, some units do run their own in house BMQ's on weekends during the year but less so for trades courses. I have seen combat arms units get permission to run their own in house DP1 on evenings and weekends during the year. Depending on trade these may require you to head to that trades school which may be out of the area.
I'm in a similar position, but working for a family business. I'm looking to join the reserves part time, but would find it very difficult to take two consecutive summer months off. Do civilian workers typically just save vacation, or do certain units/trades offer weekend training in lieu of full time stints in the summer? I spoke with a recruiter but he was fairly blunt in saying there's no way around the month and a half of trades training.
Can Reservists do the MOD 3 portion of their BMOQ at various times throughout the year with the Full Time Reg Force or must we wait for the Summer session to complete our MOD 3?
If I wanted to do BMOQ sooner would I have to do the full 3 MODs or else wait for MOD 3 next Summer?
(I am completing MODs 1 & 2 but would like to get MOD 3 done sooner than later.)
Thank you.
Hey just thought I’d add a post to this as I’m also trying to get some details on course offerings for reserve BMOQ.  I don’t know how long I can really be absent from family life. And wonder what guys do when they start getting flack from the wife Back at home dealing with the kids why they are having “fun” training. Weekend options seem easy by comparison.
There are many wives who get flack from their husbands back at home, too.

They all deal with it the same way: as a family.

Much the same as those who have one working shifts, rotational, etc.