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Ross Kemp In Afghanistan


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I dont know if anyone on here has checked out this new series called Ross Kemp In Afghanistan? Basically it follows Ross Kemp while hes with the men of the Royal Anglian Regiment during their tour in the Helmand province. Pretty intense show to say the least and is pretty insightful on combat ops over there. If anyone is interested just type it into youtube and there are episode segments on there
I know everyone has seen the vids on YouYube of the Canadian Forces firefights, but do we at this moment have the same sort of vidio record being compiled by the various units in the field for future viewing.I think this is a great way to inform the public and let them see what the troops are doing.

We do have something like this being made, I believe its called the Ghosts of War-Canada Wages Peace In Afghanistan. Heres a link to the preview http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=gcJ-2JozF4o, im pretty sure its slated to release soon. Looks awesome.....Also my mistake MODS, i forgot there was a military film forum, if you think this should be in there feel free to move it
I thought the series was really well done. I thought it was good on Ross Kemp to bring attention to the British soldiers and show what they are doing in Afghanistan.
Chronicles the Royal Anglians' deployment in 2007. It would be nice to see something similar about Canadian troops on TV here.

Ross Kemp in Afghanistan


Hey there. I'm a new member of the forum. I handed in my papers to the recruiting office recently and I've been reading the website for information. It's a good resource I'm impressed with what you can find here.

edit* since it's already been posted...

to an outsider like myself this was a very good documentary. It's nice to see how supportive Kemp's journalism was toward the soldiers. I like how one of the soldiers was explaining how life over there made you appreciate life back home even more. Spending more time with his family is the example the soldier gave. Good watch. Kemp is a decent person and didn't get political at all.