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ROTP at Civilian University 2004 - 2018 [Merged]

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thinker54 said:
I got my offer back in April with no enrollment date at the time. When I called my RC (Hamilton) the other week they said they were still doing selections for ROTP and no date had be decided yet. Is this normal and should I be worried at all?

Should be sometime around the middle of Jul.
Morning all,

I just got my offer to RMC for ACSO, Aeronautical Engineering! See you all in Kingston  :cdn:
Hello, I applied to Pilot, EngO, and IntO, and passed Aircrew Selection with flying colours (no pun intended).

I have two problems though that I believe adversely affected my application, the first being that when asked what my current classes were I put the classes I was taking the first semester when I applied instead of the whole year. Since I didn't record taking physics and chemistry second semester I was only eligible for Ba of Arts at RMC, even though I've been accepted into the Engineering program at Queen's University. My second problem is that I didn't apply for pilot initially because on the RMC calender it said that you were to apply in August in order to be eligible for pilot, and I didn't even consider it until the RC said I could select it at the last possible moment. Because of this I didn't complete Aircrew until the end of May.

I just got a call that I have an interview set up for Signals Officer (they need to do an interview before I get the offer), something I'm really not sure that I want to get into. Now what I'm wondering is if it's at all possible to do ROTP for one year and do BMOQ and everything so I'm at least in the system, and then switch my trade over to pilot. Or would it be more advisable to just do a year of civvy university then apply again (but on time and correctly this round) for pilot.

tl;dr: Can you switch trades in ROTP?
During the Ottawa enrollment ceremony on Tuesday, we were informed that of this year's 4000 applicants, there will be about 400 selections made. I figured I'd share the figure in case anyone is interested in how competitive ROTP really is.
To ease a lot of stresses:

1) You can change trades while in ROTP.  You go through the Base Personnel Selection Officer (BPSO), indidcate the trades you would wish to switch to, and go through basically the same process as enrolling.  The only caveat is that you have to complete BMOQ in order to do a Voluntary Occupational Transfer - Untrained (VOT-U).  I know because I went through and completed the process a few weeks ago.

2) While at RMC you can change academic programs (some easier than others).  If you want to get into Eng or a Science you need to get on top of that the moment you get to RMC for FYOP.  Going from ENG to Arts after a semester or a full year is pretty easy, but from Arts to ENG after that amount of time is almost impossible (unless you want to pay for an extra year).

3) You will get uniforms once you get to RMC, and you will be required to wear them at all times while in first year (yes that includes weekends at the bars).

4) Have fun while at RMC.  Don`t get bogged down by any negative attitudes about rules or anything else. You are going to a military school and sometimes things are going to be hard, or not work out exactly how you want it to. That`s life and what you are signing up for.  The school`s are awesome, and I had a great time while at both RMC and CMR.  It is what you make of it, and I hope that everyone going there has aperations to make it better.  That`s what every alumus wants to see when they come back for the Obstacle Course and Reunion Weekend.

It`s going to be an amazing experience.  Good luck, work hard, and develop in to the leader that will one day be in command of great men and women. 

TDV  :salute:
It is time once again for a thread like this to pop-up because I think by now, it has become a yearly tradition. So post in here if you're applying to get into RMC for the 2015-2016 year along with questions, comments, concerns.

I wish you all good luck! :camo:

I'm currently going into Gr. 12 this September, and I'm thinking of applying for either Infantry, Artillery, or Signals. I've also been an active leader in my school by being on student council, peer helper program, and I even ran a political party for the school's yearly presidential election. I lost, I don't know how that will look on my application if I put that down. Right now my average for Gr. 11 is around mid to high seventies, but I reached ahead in two Gr. 12 courses, and the average between those courses are low eighties.

Hey there!

I am also going to be applying for the 2015-2016 year. I will try and keep up with the forum in the lead up and through the application process, so I hope to get to know everyone fairly well.

A little about myself, I'm 17, currently going into grade 12 in Ontario, I have a low to mid 80 average in university prep courses, played AAA hockey, competitive soccer (in the summer), I have been working since I was 15 with a brief gap in employment between April 20 and now (I was in the process of switching departments but then took a break to work on an election campaign in Ontario), I'm going back to work now.

I am in the process of establishing a OPCYA council for youths to get more involved in politics. However I think it may be too political for RMC, but i could be wrong.

Anyway, nice to meet you and I wish the best to all!
Hello army.ca!
My name is Terry Kim and I am 17 years old.
Since I was a little kid I've always wanted to be a pilot when I grew up.
After moving to Canada from Korea, I have thought of joining the military in hopes of getting a decent paying job, and have the job of my childhood.
Through some researching, I have found that there are lots of ways to join the military, as a ROTP, DEO, or RETP.

I am still curious as to what are the exact requirements to join the forces as a Regular Officer.
I am a Canadian Citizen
As I already said, I am of 16 years of age.
However, I am not sure what kind of test a pre-enrollment test is. I am not sure what is involved in this test.
It is said on the website, that a minimum of 70% grades are required, however, when I visited the recruiter it was suggested that a 90% was recommended.
Questions about Academic Prerequisites.
It is said that I need the one year of pre-university in order to possess necessary academic qualifications. What does this mean?
Questions about university.
I want to know what university courses I have to take in order to join the CF as a pilot. Whether I get accepted to a paid education, or not.
How would I choose a certain university to be paid for? As in, if I want to study at UBC with paid education, what procedure should I follow in order for this to happen?

Thank you for any kind of help you can give. I appreciate any kind of advice.
Extra info:I am currently in an Air Cadet program, would this affect my pilot career in any way?
There are a myriad of threads and an official website, as well as recruiting centres.  Learn to search and utilize them.  Everything you have asked has been answered many times.
Hi, I will apply for RMC of Saint-Jean-Sur-Le-Richelieu for next year. Actually, my grades are by the best of my class with 85% overall & a average of 12% above class's overall in secondary IV...I'm in a outdoor sport program at school with a lot of sport & scouting (so less academic class as science,mathematic,french... for more "physical education". I practice too many sports & work part-time,but I don't know why this would help me for admission. So, I initially thought is was pretty good...Until I come here with all you guys with 9X overall at school! Ahah. You guys are trully good, I wish you good luck!

For my part,I will apply for 1. Pilot 2. MARS.
Keep in mind, that if you plan on applying for ROTP this coming fall, your Grade 11 marks will weigh heavily on your application.  The absolute "standard" academic requirement for admission is an overall average of "75%" for completed courses.  Mandatory courses will include a Gr 12 pre-University English course completed or currently in progress and a Gr 11 pre-University Mathematics course both of which you MUST have a minimum "75%" average in respectively.

The above information is for entry to an "Arts undergrad-degree" program.  The admission requirements for a Science or Engineering undergrad-degree program will include additional "mandatory" courses.

If ROTP is your goal and you will be starting Gr 12 this coming fall, I would suggest that you initiate contact with your local CFRC and obtain additional information regarding academic entry requirements for ROTP which are associated with the occupation you wish to pursue in the CF.  This will allow you to arrange your Gr 12 courses accordingly and if necessary, upgrade the marks for any Gr 11 courses which are lacking.

Good luck to all!
Grades, Grades ..Grades.

No amount of EC and other excellent non academic part would take away the importance of grades.

I am flying off to CMR in few days to start my journey.  Everyone in my batch who enrolled few weeks ago have all excellent grades mostly high 80s to low 90s in addition to strong ECs.

Thank you for your interest in this post.

I just graduated high school this June and will be entering an accredited engineering (Software engineering) program in September. My program requires a mandatory 16 months of co-ops/internships of software work on top of the 4 year program to receive the major. I do not have enough money to pay for my schooling but can at least pay for first and second term. I have also been interested in the military for some time and see it as an opportunity to have an adventure, pay for school and cross pollinate with my post secondary education. I have a few questions about signals officers and what they do because I really want to know if its worth it to do ROTP and being locked into a contract with a software engineering background.

1) Do you ever work with software at the coding level or is it just for civilians?

2) I understand that cyber warfare capabilities are listed as one of the job descriptions. What does this mean, is it simply destroying an enemies radar dish with a missile. Or do you actually hack into their systems and ultimately leverage your software engineering education?

3) I understand there are other job descriptions including:

    1) Purpose-designed, computer-based information systems that assist with battlefield command and control, reconnaissance and    surveillance, and target acquisition
    2) The full spectrum of radio systems
    3) Electronic warfare capabilities
    4) Cryptographic and communications- security capabilities

Do any of these require skill and expertise in software engineering/programming?

4) A friend of mine who is from Israel says that the IDF has a unit known as unit 8200 that is a group of a few thousand cyber-warriors. Does Canada have anything like that, I understand there is CSIS/CSEC, but can a person from the army be moved to Canada's equivalent organization?

Thank you,


You didn't need 2 posts, and underline on this one to ask these questions.

As well, a lot of the questions you're asking are on classified matters, especially cyber warfare. Actual details will be extremely scarce. There is a Communications and Electronics Branch subforum, with a whole lot of pages and some topics specifically on Signal Officers. I'd start reading those.
Are you sure this would be classified? I'm just asking if I can get exp in the military that can relate to my degree. Otherwise there will be a conflict with the 16 months of  co-ops I will have to take. I won't be able to graduate if I don't get work experience in my field. Ultimately, is becoming a signals officer related to my degree, or should I pick something else.
riverkayaker3 said:
Are you sure this would be classified?

Some if it will be and you will have no need to know, unless you become a CAF member in one of those Trades.

riverkayaker3 said:
I'm just asking if I can get exp in the military that can relate to my degree. Otherwise there will be a conflict with the 16 months of  co-ops I will have to take. I won't be able to graduate if I don't get work experience in my field. Ultimately, is becoming a signals officer related to my degree, or should I pick something else.

At the sounds of it, you don't have a clear idea of what you are planning.  Do some more research and then contemplate what you want to do.
George Wallace said:
At the sounds of it, you don't have a clear idea of what you are planning.  Do some more research and then contemplate what you want to do.

How should I be planning this? I'm going into University and have the opportunity to do ROTP for Signals Officer. I am deciding if it is worth it or not and whether it is related to software engineering.
riverkayaker3 said:
How should I be planning this? I'm going into University and have the opportunity to do ROTP for Signals Officer. I am deciding if it is worth it or not and whether it is related to software engineering.

George Wallace said:
Do some more research and then contemplate what you want to do.

You don't currently have any idea of what the requirements are to become a Signals Officer, nor what their occupational duties are, indicating that you have not done enough research into the matter.  If you can't accept that as a FACT, and are so immature that you award NEGATIVE MILNET POINTS for an answer that you don't like, you may have other issues that may preclude you from entering the CAF. 

Sorry to bother you. I thought that this negative point scheme is for bringing in more competition, but there is no use to it. I will try to award your points back.
riverkayaker3 said:
Are you sure this would be classified?

Your entire question 2 would be classified material. As for question 3, Canada does not have the resources to have several thousand cyber-centric soldiers.

As an officer, you're a planner, and a leader. If you want to be writing code all day, I'm willing to bet there's extremely limited opportunities for you to complete your work experience for you to finish your degree. You'll spend most of your first few years in the CAF doing training, and not actually working in a unit.

If you're looking to get that work experience and assist the CAF, then look to CSEC, DRDC, or job openings for various projects that require software engineers.
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