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Russians set to do fly over of Canadian Military Infrastructure

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Russia set to conduct surveillance flyover to inspect Canada’s military, industrial infrastructure
Kathryn Blaze Carlson
26 June 2012

The Russians are conducting what has quietly become their annual flyover of key Canadian sites this week, revealing the two countries’ regular surveillance of one another at a time when a spy scandal and Arctic sovereignty have markedly strained relations.

Russia has routinely exercised a 10-year-old treaty right to fly over Canada and inspect the country’s military infrastructure, industrial complexes, cities and transportation hubs, according to a National Defence spokesman. He said it is the only one out of 34 countries to fly over Canadian soil under the Open Skies treaty.

The upcoming flight is novel in its timing, too: It is Russia’s first information-gathering flight since a Canadian intelligence officer was arrested under suspicion of espionage, allegedly for the Russians, back in January. Capt. Matt Zalot, a National Defence spokesman, said this week’s Russian flyover was planned long before that, back in the fall.

The inspection comes just days after Canada flew over Russia aboard a Hungarian aircraft, and it highlights the frequent surveillance that goes on between the two countries...........

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A bit of clunky English, but here's Pravda's take from the Russian side:
Last week, Russia began inspection flights over the territory of Canada under the program "Open Skies". In Canada, there are opinions that they will be used to monitor the military and other objects in the Arctic. The fear is fueled by the recent arrest on suspicion of spying for Russia of an officer of the Canadian Naval Intelligence. These objective fears, however, do not stifle the calls to unite to resist attempts of the U.S. and China to push the "international status" of the region.

The inspection flights will last three days. It is interesting that under the contract "Open Skies" signed by 34 countries, the Russian planes were flying over the territory of Canada much less than Canadian - over Russia. The last time the Tu-154 inspected military facilities and other objects of its Arctic neighbor in 2004. The Canadians at the same time inspected four times a year, and another observation flight was last week.

Of course, the information taken by the sensors cannot be made public, but the fact that the Russian military suddenly "woke up" suggests that Canada got some new facilities for the inspection. This is probably the objects of exploitation and military activity on the Arctic shelf and around it. Especially now, when Canada has a disputed territory with Russia. We are talking about the underwater Lomonosov Ridge, extending from the New Siberian Islands of Russia through the center of the Arctic Ocean to Canada's Ellesmere Island. Canada challenges the request of the UN Commission filed last year on the identity of the ridge of Russia on the grounds that it is an extension of its territorial shelf.

In addition, it is the first inspection after the arrest of the Canadian officer of Naval Intelligence Jeffrey Dilayla in January on charges of spying for Russia. "Of course, there is an agreement, but we must be very careful not to forget the past espionage cases. We must not forget that the relationship between Russia and Canada were not always friendly, even 20 years ago, so who knows what will happen in the next 20 years", said political science professor of the Royal Military College of Canada Huchan Hassan-Yari, who was quoted by Canadian newspaper National Post.

The inspection is carried out by a specially-equipped Tu-154M LC-1. Currently preparation for certification testing of a completely new aircraft is being conducted - Tu-214ON, that last year built an aircraft factory in Kazan, and was shown at the last Moscow airshow ....

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Perhaps the troops should all form up at their respective localities and all give the Russians a big old moon for old times sake. ;D
Or get an F-18 to go inverted with them in a 4G inverted dive, while working on foreign relations. I'll donate a Polaroid Camera.


VIChris said:
Or get an F-18 to go inverted with them in a 4G inverted dive, while working on foreign relations. I'll donate a Polaroid Camera.


How can an 18 pilot carry on foriegn relations, fly the plane and operate a fold out polariod?