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Sale of house - re enrollment

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Hey guys,

I'm recently re enrolled, going on pat platoon until my ql3. I've decided to list my house up for sale now while I'll be doing my ql3 to get a head start as sales are down around here.

I was wondering, once I get posted and my belongings are moved, does the military do anything to help with the sale of a house?

What happens if it takes years to sleep? Am I just just with a mortgage and rent wherever I'm posted to?

Your move will be covered once your 3's qualified and you'll get the benefits of a cost move. If you sell your house before that you may be able to claim the benefits later but if your F&E are at a different location than the one you stated on enrollment the military may not cover the cost of moving it to your new location.

See time limitations here: http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/about-policies-standards-benefits-relocation/2014-directive-amend-ch8.page