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Sexual Misconduct Allegations in The CAF


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Education Time on the Regimental System.

Colonel-in-Chief/Colonel of the Regiment (some Regiments have both) = Another term for Honourary Colonel. Figurehead. Recommended by a Regiment through a formal process governed by the CAF.

Senate/Guard/Conseil (title varies) = A forum for Generals and Colonels of a Regiment, who meet to discuss Regimental issues. This is largely related to Regimental fundraising, awareness, non-public services, linkages to associations, museums, etc. Some venues involve former members. If you want to see what one of these does, look online for published plans. Its not very operational - here is an example.

President/Chair = Acts as the executive officer of a Regiment by chairing a Regimental Senate/Guard/Conseil. A secondary duty for a busy General. Usually a senior serving officer of that Regiment, but not necessarily THE senior serving member due to duties. Some regiments have Deputies to assist who may or may not also be the Regimental Colonel.

Regimental Colonel = A Colonel from an infantry Regiment, appointed by the Army on recommendation of the Senate/Guard/Conseil, responsible for a myriad of things. Note that this too is also a secondary duty, so the officer has a (busy) day job somewhere. The Regimental Colonel's key task is the career management of Regimental officers, and coordination of these decisions with the Career Managers in DGMC.

Regimental Executive Committee = Generally run by Regimental Colonels or a Lieutenant-Colonel from the Regiment, and focused on more mundane Regimental management (think kit shop, parades, publications, events, fundraising) and attended by senior officers and WOs of the Regiment.
Yup, But does your assertion that they (collectively) have no impact, jive with reality. Otherwise , get rid of them, as they serve no valid purpose.