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Short on expertise, Army Guard, Reserve want to snag retired warrants


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The Army is developing policy that opens the door for retired active-duty warrant officers to continue serving in the Army Reserve or National Guard while still drawing their pensions.

The service has “approved” the initiative, according to Chief Warrant Officer 5 Rick Knowlton, the senior warrant officer adviser for the Army Talent Management Task Force, who spoke during a Thursday Association of the United States Army discussion panel.

“We have approximately 600 warrant officers retiring in the next 12 months,” Knowlton told Army Times in a follow-up phone interview. “That is [at least] 12,000 years worth of experience that’s walking out the door. Why would we not see if it matches up with what we need in the Guard and Reserve?”

Army Secretary Christine Wormuth signed a directive authorizing the program on July 1.