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Sound off: What are you doing right now? Aside from the obvious being on here..

I came back from practice a hour ago and now relaxing at the computer, keeping warm with one of my cats sleeping on my lap.
just finished rugby practice lying in bed wanting to go to sleep but my body isnt letting me..
Getting ready for my swearing in ceremony tomorrow as well as packing for BMQ this Saturday  :warstory: :salute: So close argh!!!
In my least favorite place (Current JOB)
Wondering if will ever get moved from merit list to BMQ list
I had given up getting out of bed to answer the phone if it was before 9:30, because it was always a telemarketer.
The phone rang this morning, and for a reason that even I don't know I dragged my lazy self to the phone to answer it, and it's a good thing I did. It was the doctor's secretary phoning to let me know that I have a date for my latest go at the operating table. Tuesday morning.

Two operations this time, one on each leg. Well, one on a foot one on a leg.

So, now if the geniuses at CUPE decide that the old man is not essential personnell, that's going to be a rough few weeks.

Meanwhile in pardise, resting for some wicked sunburn from my camping adventure, missing four days of work, and now fighting off a sinus infection turning to my chest.

All this in +35C hot humid weather. I am craving for a jet ski,a swom, and a BBQ, but instead I'll be flying the couch (in front of the TV) all wknd, filling myself with liquids, eating fuit, and resting.

Yes, life can suck living on a tropical island.

I just came home from purchasing a new toy. I'm quite proud of my new toy.
I have developed a nasty habit when it comes to Hydromorphone... if I ever became a drug addict, I would go broke; not from spending money on the drugs though. This is the second time while taking post-surgery Dilaudid where I walked into Moe's Music sales and came out with a musical instrument. Last time it was a guitar (acoustic), now a bodrahn.


Listening to Canada vs US Women's Gold medal Game with half an ear....Canada 2-US 0!!

All this while surfing army.ca

Finishing off Week 8 of this course, and looking forward to an LTA-funded weekend with Mrs EITS back in Fall River.  8)
Up at oh-dark-stupid (about 0345) as I can't sleep.  Figured I'd beat the rush and actually have coffee at home this morning.  It's okay, hopefully, I'll be tired enough to sleep tonight as I have to be at the airport tomorrow morning around the same time.  Cancun, here I come!!!!  8)
Wondering what to do on sick leave with the Olympics wrapping up this weekend.  Recovering from Back surgery with not much to do since I'm not allowed / can't do much in the way of work around the house.  Canada - Slovakia game is on now so that should be interesting.
Im watching Ross Kemps return to Afghanistan and looking into taking some sort of correspondence math course It turns out my old teacher was right about needing to know math.
Watching the Canada Slovakia Game

All the game condensed in the last minutes !

Crossing my fingers for Sunday, I don't know if I am going to go Downtown Vancouver to watch the final game.

Overall, congrats to all  :cdn: athletes.
I am here, working for my country, watching my country perform amazingly well in the Olympics hosted by my country, and feeling so proud!!
Loving this song ... and loving the video too!!



OH Canada

(Oh Canada we stand on guard, for thee)
I told this guy where I was from
he said oh, Canada
kinda laughs it off, real funny huh?
yeah, uh, come on

(O Canada)
1-2, 1-2,
mic check, 1-2, 1-2
(O Canada)

uh, yea
from the land of the lost
Trans-Canada crossed
patriotic and a honor
with a hand on my heart

from the Greatest of Lakes
to the greenest of greens
to the Rockiest mountains
and everything in between

o-o-o Canada
oh you're no fan of us?
'cause our movie and TV shows are so amateur?
yeah, we laugh at off, that don't really bother me
look, we ain't serious unless we really gotta be

humorous attitude like Kids in the Hall
like Jim Carey, Mike Myers, yeah we claiming them all

it's the Great White North
home of the funniest actors
the brunt of the joke
with an abundance of laughter

the Red and wWhite flag
keep it high keep it visual
people see Canada and get stereotypical
think we finish every sentence with buddy or bye
and if it ain't that its either dude, eh or guy
(Canadaka eh)
yeah we consider it people
and smoking marijuana
we consider it legal

still doing rap like the 1990's
but that's how we like it off timed and grimey

I know where I'm from and I told ya before
North of America hard to ignore
every time I go away I tell them for sure
I'm from Canada o-o-o Canada

(O Canada)
O Canada o-o-o Canada
(O canada)
I'm from Canada
o-o-o Canada

the Class makes a sick beat, we call it a classic (x4)

I've been around the globe and
heard the confusion
honestly a lot of y'all are ignorant and stupid

yes, we have microwaves, tvs and cell phones
unintelligent fuck we invented the telephone
we made Yahtzee
the light bulb, hockey
and bred the greatest player's Gretzky to Crosby
we all got at least one drinking buddy
and after one drink, all of us think we're funny

our national mascot's a damn beaver
O Canada we love our beaver
home of Hell's Angels the RCMP
home of Gordon Lightfoot and SCTV

the Underground Rail Road
Georges St. Pierre
right here is where he calls home

our health care system
y'all know its free
keep a girl banging with a full mouth of teeth
I won't even get into the music on the streets
they say hip hop is dead
naw its up north with me
I could do this all day its a part of my routine
but supper's almost done and tonight poutine

I know where I'm from and I told ya before
North of America hard to ignore
every time I go away i tell em for sure
I'm from Canada o-o-o Canada
(I'm from the east coast of Canada)
o-o-o Canada
(I'm from the east east east coast)
yo yo!
see I'm from Canada so sometimes the words come out of my mouth like this
get used to it

(O Canada, we stand on guard for thee)