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SQ and Deployments


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I did a few searches and couldn't really find the answer I was looking for, so here it is;

I've been in the forces since may 2003 and I have been told on many occasions that I would be required to do SQ. Well 3.5 years later, I've been adv promoted to Cpl, done QL3, QL4 and was hoping to get on Roto 108. Our unit is standing up in April of this year and after asking many times for the course, they finally tell me I need to to go to Afghanistan and the soonest they can put me on SQ is June-July 2007 (And for some reason this SQ is only scheduled to last 4 weeks in Gagetown ... seems short). So I'll probably miss my chance to server overseas.

Is SQ really a requirement for deployment? I've been in a field unit for over a year and believe that with proper predeployment training, I would be ready for Afghanistan.

SQ is about 4 weeks long and you should have taken it immediately after finishing your BMQ.

I believe it is a requirement prior to deployment. Can anyone corroborate this?

So... You have QL2 Basic,  QL3 Trade and a QL4 Trade course?  Why would you need SQ... Ever?

QL2 and QL3 have beem mishmashed into BMQ, SQ and DP1 (BIQ), so if you have all your QLs there's no reason to take SQ.

I never took "SQ".... It was all QLs back then... And I went overseas.

There has to be another reason that you have to take SQ, and the only thing I can think of is if you've changed trades / elements, or were out for over 5 years and came back (with all your QLs)... Even then, why would you have to requalify? 

BTW, Did the QL system exist in 2003? I can't even remember..
I believe it may have changed over at the time.  I did BMQ and SQ in fall 2003, and I recall that I was on the first serials of those courses for reserves.

But that was a long time ago. . .
I'd wager he's done BMQ (not QL2) and as an LCIS tech is in a trade that is still stuck in the 90's with a "QL3" and "QL4" which are entirely trade specific.  So: no section attacks, no (formal) training on machine guns, no recce patrols.  IE: no soldiering.

There was a year or two (say 2001-2002) where the reserve infantry was the same deficient way.  A 6-week QL2 gave way to a 3-4 week BMQ, SQ didn't exist, and QL3 Infantry was 6-7 weeks.  Total training time: 10 weeks.  Whereas QL2/QL3 was 13-14 weeks and the modern BMQ/SQ/DP1 Inf is 13-14 weeks.

I've said it before: transitions between training system A and training system B fundamentally disrupt the army IT system, no matter how good training system B is.
I've seen guys qualified Res QL3 Inf and ISCC have to do SQ and its called BMQ Land now.  Any time the Army lets you fire off rounds, take advantage of it.
Yes. SQ is needed prior to deployment. In the medical world, a Reserve MedTech MUST have BMQ, SQ, QL3, QL4, Enhancement Training and PCP in order for them to go to the Box as a MedTech. Now, for a Driver or any trade, the minimum you'll need is BMQ and SQ. Not even trades qualified. Surprise, Surprise!