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Surrey: Canadian military says no to 'Sikh cadet corps'

For what it is worth, there were at least two Jewish air cadet squadrons during the war.

One in Toronto ( 219 B'nai B'rith ), and another ( 54 Maccabee ) in Ottawa:

PrairieThunder said:
Bishop's College is hardly the same as naming it after a religion like "Catholic Cadets", same as "St. Andrews College". They are cadet units, named after their schools. Both Bishop's and St. Andrews are non-religious schools despite the fact that St. Andrews used to be, their cadet unit and academics have no religious influence anymore.
The names of the units originate from religious affiliations AND sponsors.  The same can be said for any Cadet Corps that is named after a municipality that is named after a Saint.   

PrairieThunder said:
I have never heard of any cadet units being named after churches or sponsors (apart from the Affiliated Unit). Care to provide some examples? Cadets parade in religious facilities
2688 Bridgewater Kinsmen (sponsor)
2611 (inactive since 1996) was called Legion Canadienne de Grandmere, Corps de Cadets Chambre de Commerce de Grand'Mere, Corps de Cadets Club Optimiste Grand'Mere, Corps de Cadets Kinsmen Grand'Mere AND Corps de Cadets Optimiste (sponsors)
2950 Herdman Collegiate Cadet Corps (sponsor)
572 Humboldt Legion Cadet Corps (sponsor)

Do I need to go on?

PrairieThunder said:
however they do not have a a Religious Organizing committee demanding they be named after their religion and have religious teachings included.
Name is decided by the sponsor and appropriate League.  Instruction is decided upon by DND.  Forming and maintaining a Cadet Corps is a partnership.