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TCAT-PCAT info and questions ( merged )

my situation:

my expected medical release date is the end of March 2017. the decision came from an Administrative Review (AR) of my MELs, being on PCAT. the decision letter at the time stated if my med situation continues to improve and work full time, I can submit a request for period of retention. if my med situation improves to the degree that I can fully meet the U of S, a new AR will be held and I may remain in the CF.

currently there are no MO's available until after New Year's, so I want to know if I should proceed with request for period of retention first, since if I request to remain in the CF, I'd need to see an MO first so they can write up a good report for MELs review. I know that I don't need to see an MO before requesting a period of retention because it was the MO who has given me permission to work full time (after I received my decision letter).

if the request for period of retention goes through, my question is:
can I still request to continue my career in the CF full time WHILE I am working in the CF during my period of retention? it has been mentioned in the forums that "Upon completion of a period of retention subject to employment limitations, a CF member is only eligible to be considered for a component or sub-component transfer to the Supp Res, Canadian Rangers or CIC."
In order to be offered a period of retention, your Chain of Command needs to make a positive recommendation and be willing to employ you within their lines. I have worked with a broad swath of MOCs, and most of the time, when a CoC recommends a period of retention, D MIL C will grant that period.

I have yet to see someone get a new AR and have their PCAT changed to become a low risk of breaching the UoS. Even individuals who have come back and have no MELs other than requiring follow up with a specialist no more often than 1 year, have not been granted a second MEL/AR because they are 04 or G4 and greater. This all has do to with the medical risk matrix and the potential for a member to have an acute episode while deployed, and the medical intervention required to bring the episode under control.

For example, I had an individual who had suffered a heart attack. He recovered, made positive lifestyle changes, returned to full duties and could complete the PT test. But, because of the type of heart attack, there was an increased risk (greater than 50%) that he could have a reoccurrence that would likely be fatal in a deployed setting. He became an G4 05, and was given a medical release. We retained him for the maximum three years, but couldn't convince DMEDPOL to change his category.

Another example was a member with a history of kidney stones. They could not pinpoint the cause, so they kept reoccurring randomly. Other than when experiencing an episode, the member had no MELs that limited her from performing her duties. But, once again, because of the risk matrix, she was assigned a G4 04 which breached UofS, and was medically released.

All that to say, you need to be prepared that even though you are getting better, and could return to full duties (depending on MOC and how they aggravate your medical condition), a period of retention may be the best you get. 
I was contacted and told that I must go get my P-Cat MEL's reassessed. And was told that it needed to be done tomorrow and that it came from the B-Surg. When I asked why I wasn't given an answer I was told to just do it. Is this normal?
CrazyTrain905 said:
. . .  and that it came from the B-Surg. . . .

So someone in your chain of command passed on a message from a medical authority.  Maybe any explanation of the reason for the reassessment would have required discussing your medical condition (which a medical authority would not be permitted to discuss with your chain of command), or maybe you received the total message that was provided and there was no explanation available to answer your question.  Yeah, it may seem out of normal (or is your concern with possible brusqueness/inconsideration from whomever passed the message), but the answer will probably be given to you when you contact the medics.
My concern is that I called the base hospital and they have no idea what he is talking about and stated the B-Surg isn't even on the base as they are away.
now that depends on how much of a pain you want to be.  You could go back to the unit and ask who they got the message from and when. 

It does happen sometimes that MELs are reviewed but usually the medical staff contacts the members.  On the occasion that I have had them contact me they don't leave such a message, they ask for contact information or for me to contact the member and have them call the medics without any details given.
The only reasons I know of for them to ask you to do that is if you are up for TOS renewal or if you are being promoted.  Your P-CAT notification you received from D MED POL will state if your P-CAT has career implications, some do, some don't.
CrazyTrain905 said:
My concern is that I called the base hospital and they have no idea what he is talking about and stated the B-Surg isn't even on the base as they are away.

That sounds like the exact information to send to your CoC, to find out exactly what they wanted (or a contact name). "I tried to make an appointment, but the CDU doesn't know why I'm calling and BSurg is out of office. Do you have more details so I can follow your direction?"
When I hear things like this, makes me wonder if the CoC is wanting the MEL's "revisited" or "clarified" - I use quotes because I've found over the years some people are illiterate in both official languages when it comes to some of these.

medicineman said:
When I hear things like this, makes me wonder if the CoC is wanting the MEL's "revisited" or "clarified" - I use quotes because I've found over the years some people are illiterate in both official languages when it comes to some of these.


and if it's clarified they should contact the medical section themselves instead of wasting the members time. No harm in picking up a phone and saying I don't understand this and want to make sure we are taking care of the member.... 
CountDC said:
and if it's clarified they should contact the medical section themselves instead of wasting the members time. No harm in picking up a phone and saying I don't understand this and want to make sure we are taking care of the member....

I am pretty switched on, and do my homework, when it comes to this stuff and I barely understand it. Asking the member for that information can be a waste of everyone's time.
I've searched and asked questions and can't seem to get any answers so now I'm reaching out on here (Please help me! [:() . I'm on a T-Cat (which I don't feel I should be on) and I want to get off to switch back to my old trade. I'll explain more.

I'm a reservist and I transferred from Wpns Tech to Inf (don’t ask, it seemed right at the time :P). Part way through my transfer I took a Permanent Class B contract on a base so instead of transferring me to an inf unit only for me to temp transfer to the base they decided to transfer me to the base. So my OT went through no problem and I don’t belong to an actual unit, just the base.

Last summer I went off to do DP1 Inf, I had a lot going on at home at the time and the stress from the course on top of everything else, asked if I could voluntarily withdraw from the course because of everything going on, was told I couldn’t and I ended up with migraines the first few days of the course and was placed on a T-Cat because of it.

Got back to the base and because I’ve only ever been a reservist and have never really heard about T-Cats didn’t know what I was supposed to do from there, so 6 months later after my first T-Cat expired I went to the MIR to ask to be taken off, which they didn’t want to do because I was still having migraines. I made the mistake of telling a doc that I’ve had them since I was 9 years old, but I’ve been in the reserves for the past 8 years and have only ever gotten the occasionally one as I am now. Decided it would be best to go back to my old trade as it was a bad decision.

I ended up trying a bunch of different drugs, which didn’t work and now Botox (also doesn’t work) which is being injected every 3 months, but NOW because I’m seeing a doc every 3 months for the injections, that’s a problem. I didn’t suggest this, it was a suggestion from the MIR.

My issue is I’m not under any limitations, I’m able to do everything that the normal, non-migraine sufferer is able to do, I’ve been in for 8 years and have gone on course every summer and participated in almost every Thurs night/weekend no issues.

My contract is almost up and as long as I’m on a T-Cat I won’t be able to apply and compete again. I do have an option civi side of being a Sheriff but where does that leave me with the reserves if I go back to being a Class A reservist? I don’t belong to a unit, I’m unqualified in my current trade, nor can I get qualified as I can’t go on a course so long as I’m on my T-Cat…Nor can I transfer back to my old trade where I was QL5 and PLQ qualified.

Like I said, I can do everything everyone else can do, courses, PT Tests, you name it. When I explained this to the doc all he said was well…you’re always going to have migraines so Ottawa will probably put you on a P-Cat. How does he know that I’ll always have them? Maybe one day I’ll wake up and never get them again, so if I’m put on a P-Cat is there any possibility of ever getting off of it???

Also, why are T-Cats not applied universally across the board? Obviously is one troop has diabetes he’ll be placed on a CAT, and so will any others with the same medical condition…so if I’m being put on a T-CAT for this, why isn’t every other person that experiences migraines?

Is there anyone I can go to for assistance on this?

Please help me  [:'(
Has anyone seen a 4th TCat granted?  It used to be that 3rd TCat had to go to DMed Pol, but now third can be granted by BSurg.  4th TCat recommendation goes to DMed Pol now.  Awaiting outcome of my file for 6 months now.  Thinking that by this point they'll decide PCat is the decision, despite some physical things are still evolving, I still can't do a Force test.
Yes, a 4th TCAT can exist. It is just a very rare thing. Completely situation dependant.
Thanks for the reply.

I haven't seen one myself.  The thought was that some additional time was needed for some test results and specialist reviews that might improve the 2 physical issues.  Unfortunately, that has not proven to be the case, it's nearly 11 months since that reboard was done (requesting approval for 4th T6).  File didn't leave the clinic for 4 months and still waiting for Ottawa's decision.  And to further compound things, since that medical, previous OSI issues have resurfaced, for which I'm starting treatment.  Not particularly expecting happy news. 
I just got a 4th TCat today. MO said that it won't turn into a PCat unless they're absolutely sure the condition will not improve.
Nice, meni0n, congrats.  I learned today (being in the branch, I have connections) that D Med Pol is pushing for a PCAT given the length of this things have been going on.  I know I will lose my air factor.  Will wait out, but am expecting a PCAT that either breaches or at minimum high risk of so.  Perhaps not the worst thing, as I am in a pensionable position, but it does remove the sense of personal control over the end of a long career.
Did your MO send your TCat to DMed or was the review done automatically?

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looked up the policy a few years ago as there was some dispute at the unit on when you moved from tcat to pcat as they couldn't understand why a member wasn't moved. Turned out there was no maximum number of tcats.  You were moved when they determined there was no longer a chance of reasonable improvement.  I believe though that most MO's were still using 3 as a guideline to determine this.