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TCCC '08??

Mojo Magnum

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Can anyone state whether or not there is a TCCC course on for Texas?
I am under the impression that I was nominated but, I have been unable to dig up any info via chain or other.

As far as I know there is no TCCC being run in Texas and there may be another serial run sometime after.

I'm sure that someone in the know will get back to you.

If your under the impression that you were nominated for the course, you may want to find out if you actually were nominated (name pushed up the chain to your OPs and Training cell) at all.

Talk to your CoC and see where your nomination stands. It may have been bumped for someone who requires it more.

There is no TCCC course being run in Texas. There are 4 serials starting I believe in March and going until June.

The TCCC should be starting in April , March is mostly TMST make up for those not on the serial that ends this Thursday. :salute:
Is there a website where I could read more on the TCCC course when it comes to international compliance in first aid training and what the benefits are of this course please and thank you. :cdn:
You can google TCCC and find many different articles about it. Remember that we based our course on the American version so  most of the info will be U.S. based. :cdn:

CTOMS forum, for medics mainly but great info for everyone.
Thanks for the reply and just was curious as our training facility will be instructing the TCCC in Ontario in about 30 days and wanted to know more about it and knew that here was the best place to ask.  I am very excited about having this program being instructed through our facility and offering a combat care program that has long been needed in the emergency management industry and being able to service multiple emergency services including the Police and Canadian Military will be a great honour.

Thanks again and have a great weekend all.