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The Manly Thread

I rode on a train last night. Not a big train but a very small one. I had my family with me. It was kinda cool.

Manly enough?

Maybe I'll go see True Grit.....fill yer hands you sons a bitches!!!!!
I showered naked with other girls at the gym 2 weeks ago.

Not manly, just normal.  ;D

Damn: edited to add: I`d shower nekkid with Nicholas Cage too; that would be heavenly (vice manly).
Pushed a large diameter, 8 inch needle into a lady's chest so that she could continue to breath... and didn't make a mess.
I wrote my ex-wife a Christmas card today, and didn't use the words 'bitch', 'trollip', or 'spawn of Satan' once.
PPCLI Guy said:
I wrapped presents - and even used ribbon.


(Merry Christmas!!!)
I got my thumb nearly chewed off by a dog yesterday (Christmas day) that attacked me and didn't cry like a wee baby girl despite blood pouring everywhere....  is that manly???!!!
Well...it was christmas day and... if I touched it back, it wouldn't be bitin' anyone (or anything!), anymore....  I granted it a Pardon....
Tomorrow, weather permitting, I will teach my three year old grandson the art of street hockey, or at least I will attempt to. Or maybe will tunnel in the snow pile in the back yard.

If one cries during Forrest Gump, does that increase or decrease manliness?
Destroyed thirty-seven fresh from the ocean lobster with the family.....

I love being Nova Scotian.
Jim Seggie said:
If one cries during Forrest Gump, does that increase or decrease manliness?

Getting their asses handed to them, then running away, like this might be worthy of a tear or two...

Jammed on my new fender, went to the girlfriends and then proceeded to watch the incredible hulk and do a work out after wards :pushup:
today i did not use punctuation or any kind of emoticon or any of those womanly !!!!!!! things

You are what you email -writing influences perception, study finds

'Real men don't use punctuation'

"I guess it's the old stereotype of women being more expressive and emotional. A text message or email that's chock-full of question marks and exclamation points comes across as a little girlie, for lack of a better way to phrase it," says McAndrew, adding wryly: "Real men don't use punctuation; they use caveman-like direct, short sentences."

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/what+email+writing+influences+perception+study+finds/4028747/story.html#ixzz19KbFVLsY