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Ukraine - Superthread

Looking at all the sources. At least they are negotiating end to hostilities. To early to say, but I am standing by my first assessment that Russians will get rid of some elements of Ukraine leadership, Donbas and Crimea. Lets wait and see what happens after negotiations.

What do Russians want? What do Ukrainians want?
At least they are negociating to end hostilities?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.
The Ukrainians want to be able to live and run their own country without threat from a foreign entity. Russian wants shouldn't even be considered
Exactly. I can't believe that anyone (other than maybe a Russian misinformationista) is entertaining Russia's "wants" after they invaded another country.

Maybe whataboutism is a bad idea?

I don't think this bodes well for the future of Belarus...
I agree, very ominous. Large scale train convoys of armour are apparently on the way to Brest, roughly 10km from the Polish border.

I don't think this bodes well for the future of Belarus...

The idiots are coming out in force. I'd watch for the next decree removing lamp posts from the capital cities.
Are you fucking serious?
1) Yes some Telecom was removed - simply based on Mil Requirements - Water and Electricity ?
2) I can only assume you are a troll at this point, please enjoy my ignore list.

Condemning Russia on the surface while sliding in subtle praise discreetly.

AKA Sealioning.
At least they are negociating to end hostilities?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.
Posted before. I think both sides don't want this Regional conflict to become an International one.

All we have to do is sit an wait before jumping onboard of ship of conclusions and projections.
What do you think is happening? Because no one seems to know. So why not wait and see what negotiations turn out.
I don't understand this war. Ive said that before.

I think Zelensky going to meet the Russians bears a striking amount of courage I hope he comes back
Talk about a letdown.

Anonymous needs to use a dictionary and look up the word ''hijack''.
I'm not one of the biggest fans of theirs, well up til a week ago ;) - but they don't do violent stuff.
They are Hackers and believe in Truth and Transparency (and #FUCKPUTIN).

They are conducting an anal rape of Russian IT systems - and I will take that as a heartfelt win.
Russia is lying. Like they always do.

Trying to buy time because they are struggling against a much smaller foe and looking like hot garbage while doing it.
Everyone is lying.

But the point is that they are both heading to the Negotiating Table. Lets see what happens next. Once negotiations get covered then we will see. Why not wait the day or two.

Is this another 6 day war?:cautious: