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University Training Plan NCM (UTPNCM) 2005 - 2018 [Merged]

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Yes. "Pay level and trade group" or words to that effect, are retained through school (plus IPC bumps). Trade group is basic, spec 1 or 2. You then get a raise upon commissioning, the mechanics of which are a little weird, until you eventually hit the IPC of your officer occupation that surpasses it.
I had a package put in for 2015 UTPNCM. In Ontario you apply to University through the OUAC website, and yes the 2015 session was not open until mid September. Proof of application to University is all that is needed in the initial package.

Then, once you are accepted to University, you forward that letter to (in my case) my supervisor. I currently have an offer to attend full time, but obviously will wait until I get a decision from the Forces. I also have courses in progress for which transcripts are needed NLT July to determine transfer credit eligibility.

Here is the sequence that I've gone through so far:
-Submit memo stating your intentions to apply for UTPNCM.
-Interview with chain of command.
-Lots of paperwork done by many people (the least of which was myself). They play a huge role in your package submission - critical even.
-Interview with the BPSO to determine your suitability as an officer.
-Package sent to Ottawa and reviewed by board.
I was told not to expect things before May, realistically speaking. Crossing fingers.
If I recall correctly, it is 31 May that is the last day for the messages to be cut (or the last weekday, obviously).

Castus said:
I was told not to expect things before May, realistically speaking. Crossing fingers.
Mine was released (along with many of my fellow Ut's from last year) in the first week of April. Same story the year before (when I did not get a message). If you are waiting, it's almost over. The OP was right, end May is the absolute end of messages.

I have reason to believe that the board should have sat by now. Hopefully we start to hear some news soon.
277to081 said:
I have reason to believe that the board should have sat by now. Hopefully we start to hear some news soon.

Inshallah this will be so. I'm kind of gnashing teeth waiting, everything else being on hold.
The word I got is that the board will not sit for another 2 wks. Hopefully in two weeks, they don't say it will be in another two weeks.
No news yet.....dont even know why they mention a february time frame when its always this late every year
I had also assumed that because I had heard nothing yet that it was time to move on.

Knowing now that I may still get an offer could make things interesting.

I spoke with a member of the staff at the BPSO's office today and she confirmed that they have not seen any offers yet this year, so none are out there. 

Waiting, waiting, waiting.....
I put some feelers out to some friends in Ottawa to see if they knew anything.  I will let everyone know if I hear anything.

Also, if anyone gets an offer, please let the rest of us know and put us out of our misery!!!
Has anyone heard anything WRT their application? I imagine offers are coming out soon.
Spoke with my BPSO this morning, he said he got word that the board has finally sat.  He told me that offers should start arriving this week and that if you don't hear anything by the end of this month, it is a good indication that you will have to try again next year.
That is some good news, though like everything that comes out of the military I will take it with a grain of salt.

I heard that they sat months ago, then I heard there was a delay, then I heard if you hadnt gotten an offer you werent this year and then I heard oh no wait, no offers out yet.

And that was all in March.

Time will tell I guess.  They have to come out with it eventually.
Well they dont HAVE to come out with anything.

We'll see though....hopefully messages coming out soon


Reading some of the recent posts in this thread has me wondering if some of you are not hearing back because you can't spell or construct proper sentences when writing. 

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