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Updated Army Service Dress project

if worn with a little style, they doo look sharp and actually help protect from sun.......but - pain to maintain in wet weather or during long term storage ie) the brim will develop waves in it over time. can't just tuck them away anywhere, or risk crushing the crown and or brim. if worn incorrectly, look like a dogs breakfast, but i guess that can go with any lid
The OPP had 'campaign hats' for a few years, not counting 'way back'. Not particularly practical for working out of a car; although many US agencies manage. They could have been retained for dress order but weren't. Many members bought or made hat presses. Of course, they weren't real 'Stetsons' or any other quality manufacturer, they were some kind of plastic resin.
I totally understand your point.
Such is the results of our unification.
Which ironically isn't very unified.
The problem with going down the road of excluding people based on fancy suit colour, is it starts down the road of excluding people based on hat badges, or trade badges. There is never a problem finding a new way to create an "out" group...
I'm a wealth of useless knowledge.

If you want to go further back we didn't have a PO2.

We went:


Starting in 1950 we adopted the 1st and 2nd classes for POs and CPOs.
Was that to bring everyone into line across the RCN, RCAF, and CA? Or some other reason?
Ya it was part of a harmonized pay system for the whole the CAF and one of the first steps of unification.

@FJAG can correct me if I'm wrong. He was there ;) lol
Hey! I was just a young punk gunner learning how to count to seven so that I could get the right number of charge bags in a casing. I was in awe when a sergeant talked to (or yelled at) me.

The first time I learned about this whole unification/integration thing was four years later when I went from cadet to lieutenant and they took my brown uniform away and gave me a green one. I never got over that.


Square rig was worn by lower ratings. POs wore similar to what they have now.
Yes sorry, brain fart. Typed NCO when I meant NCMs.

Though the square rig looks sharp and definitely more navy-like, it would cost a lot more to go back to that. I don't expect that to happen.