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VAC wait times

......received confirmation of pension for lower lumbar spine, 10%, in Oct 2005. An MRI showed degenerative disc disease, herniated discs and spinal stenosis in L4/L5, L5/S1.

I take it you got 5 fifths. Ridiculous "award" amt. VAC being very cheap.
I take it you got 5 fifths. Ridiculous "award" amt. VAC being very cheap.

Not sure what it equates to under the NVC, but 10% disability pension for life under the old charter which this injury is under. Back in 2005, it might have been 10% disability but...my body lets me daily it's considerably worse than that now.

So, for myself and spouse amount for 10% pension is just over $400/month for life and a spousal benefit if I slip in the shower tomorrow for her, for life. I don't have an "award" it's considered a disability pension...no option for me to take a lump sum, no option for the govt to not pay it to me/spouse for life, though.

I did just attempt to complete the online QoL form and after I had the last sentence in and hit Submit....I got kicked out of the VAC site. FML. FML....60 minutes of typing.
One new thing I noticed in My VAC Account as of today 14 June 2022 is a newly revamp look for Step 3 Decision Making step. They added in a new look sub-sections of Step 3 showing where exactly and what your application is doing during Step 3. See figure below.

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How long has your your claim been at step 3.1 and 3.2? Mine has been at step 3.2 for 17 weeks and I wonder if this is normal?
Geez, that is an abnormal long time at Step 3.2. Normally, from my own experience, once it proceeds to Step 3.2 it goes Complete in a matter of days. It just happened to my brother's VAC claim. Went to Step 3.2 then 2 days later went Complete.
I lost my departmental review even though my military doctor and BPA lawyer said it was a slam dunk. I was legitimately stunned, and so were the people at the BPA. I spoke to a woman there who was apologetic and sounded frazzled. I asked if it was normal to lose these and she said no, not at all, but that I was the 3rd one this week. They think my case will easily win at Boards, but that is another 18-24 months now. It seems like VAC is moving to make life more miserable now…
Speaking of VRAB hearings. After 10 long months, I finally received my Statement of Case (SOC) last week, but BPA told me due to the backlog, my VRAB board hearing will probably not happen until the Fall timeframe. Definitely sucks given all the waiting so far. Then it will probably be another 5-6 month wait before I see a VRAB Decision Letter, then another wait for the VAC Decision letter. As bad as all the waits were before, everything seems it's a double wait nowadays. Pathetic.
Given the current debt the government is running, you have to start wondering if there’s direction to “find savings” or something. I bet it also doesn’t help that people are still working from home; I don’t believe people are working as productively from their couch as they would an office, but that’s just me.

I have a request in since a December for reassessment for an entitled condition; first they said it will take 6-8 weeks to be contacted. I waited 3 months and then asked for an update and was then told it was up to 4 months. They move the goal line to where it suits them.

I’ve submitted 2 additional claims in March. They are still only showing as “received”.

The thing VAC is best at is being a clusterfuck of a department.