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Vehicle Technician ( merged )

Crafty884 said:
Just to say I'm starting Monday, on the old system, and I think there is one that starts in Feb.  Just putting it out there

hello scott.

just wanted to get my first post out of the way, and say that from the looks of things this new "pilot" course, isn't gonna help the troops much (lacking in the hands on) but we'll have to see what happens.
Hey everyone!
My DF is currently in Borden awaiting the vech tech course. At the recruiting centre they accellerated all of his stuff, he was switching from full time navy reservist to vech tech. We didnt think he would have to do all of the pretc and waiting for it to start, but he has been in Borden since the iddle of September and I think his starts in February.. he as been doing a mix of oter things while waiting.. a few other courses, SQ and Pretc. He says alot of people have been waiting months and months to do these courses.

Good Luck New Vech Tech! Hope you get to skip all of the waiting.
If you count up all ur time and go see the MTO . You need to provide 7220 Hours of working time. Most people i know that have 4 years in as in posted time apply for there Civi Lic and are able to get it.

I got my Civi class P lic with allows me to work on anything 4500KG and bellow.

Call the MTO i have there number if you want it. Pm me

I am currently a 411 V tech with 28 SVC BN in ottawa
monctongal said:
Hey everyone!
My DF is currently in Borden awaiting the vech tech course. At the recruiting centre they accellerated all of his stuff, he was switching from full time navy reservist to vech tech. We didnt think he would have to do all of the pretc and waiting for it to start, but he has been in Borden since the iddle of September and I think his starts in February.. he as been doing a mix of oter things while waiting.. a few other courses, SQ and Pretc. He says alot of people have been waiting months and months to do these courses.

Good Luck New Vech Tech! Hope you get to skip all of the waiting.

I really find it odd, I have been in for 15 years, and recently got a med release.  They did someting like this in the past.  a 2 week course, and expected the home units to train the troops properly.  it failed miserably in my view.  and it will be even worse now, since there is a limited supply of trained techs with experience out there now,  let alone home units time to teach them more when they are posted in.
Well for all you out there i am on the pilot course for vehicle techs.  It is not that bad yes there is that many test 80 something,  we have not had anyone off course yet but we have had a few failures on test.  We do sit in front of computer working on 3d models and we finally got our chance to touch and tear down a motor.  There is goods and bads to the course, not a lot of hands on but alot of useful knowledge in the book aspect that you can put towards the hands on when we all go to Petawawa
Sorry i am being to nice it is cock load of shit
week 13 and only on week 9 on the course
Im pretty sure the pilot corse was over in 2006.

PRETC sucks request OJT if you can use your own car and tell them u have your own place. It cost the base $500 to accomidate you on OJT out of base funding.
vision course is far from dead, the first pilot is nearing end of their course, and there is 2 english, and i believe a french course behind them as well.
I am told I might be in BMQ by late june, not official yet.  But im going for vehicle tech, Iam told that they provide tools, but that they are power fist.  DOnt get me wrong, power fist is a relatively good line for the price, a nice way of saying junk.  but I would NEVER trust them if there wasnt  Princess Auto in eye sight, so can I bring my own tools, and what tools does a tech get over seas? and finally, I hope this isnt an unspoken rule but, I have heard that a tech is ocassionally told to get the vehicle running and to hell with how safe it is, just get it on the road, and that they have to sign off on the work they do.  how often does this happen and is the tech really responsible for this? I mean you cant tattle on your C.O. (I hope thats the term, zero military background) unless this is something that I shouldnt be talking about. :-X
I'd worry about the tools you will use around the unit after passing BMQ,
I'm in an armored unit and I know our veh kits and small tools are craftsman. and dewalt handheld power tools for the engineers.
I doubt that safety is not the primary concern when it comes to vehicles, sure you may have you improvise in the field a little bit to get the vehicle into a better enviroment to fix it I can remember guntape coolent hoses and running with just the ebrake, but its never like that for very long.
But like I said, focus on passing BMQ / SQ and then your trades course before anything else.
As for tools:  They supply all the tools.  There is no need for you to bring your privately owned tools into a "Operations Zone" (DND workplace) and then be arrested for trying to take those same tools home.
i know this is the last thing I should be worrying about, but i have researched every other part and this is all that i had left to find out.  thanks for the help so far, now i can concentrate on my running (not in the best shape)
Worry about BMQ first. Everything else will become clearer after that.
I agree with everybody else, don't sweat the small stuff at this point.

Just to set your mind at ease (and everybody else who is wondering):

Tools: every single unit/school out there has a separate supplier for tools. Most are by local purchase, some can be gotten through the supply system. Your toolbox will be a mishmash of brands. It may start off as mostly one brand, but won't stay that way for long. Keep in mind, you will not be getting a brand new toolbox with brand new tools. When you get to a unit, you will be issued the box that the last guy posted out turned in. You will get what he (and the 40 guys ahead of him) had + replacements.

Personal Tool: Do not bring your own tools to work, especially overseas. If (when) they break, you are out of luck, the unit will not replace them. I have had some really good tools over the years, and I have had some really crappy ones also.

Lastly, Repairs: in over 14 years as a Veh Tech in 1st and 2nd line units, I have never been told, in a peace time situation, to get a vehicle moving no matter what. If a vehicle is unsafe, it gets grounded and does not move. Whenever you work on a vehicle (in garrison/field/ops) you are logged as having worked on it and the faults that you corrected. If you pass it, and something happens, you're screwed. If you are getting pressured from higher to get something on the road "no matter what" take it to your higher in Maint. I've seen and done lots of jerry-rigged repairs over the years, but only when absolutely necessary and under certain conditions and they were all my call, not some one else's.

And don't worry about the CO coming to rattle your chain, they've got bigger things to worry about. It's the transport reps you'll be dealing with. Keep in mind, you will be part of a MRT (mobile repair team) with either a senior Cpl or MCpl.

You'll find that most people leave the techs alone to do their work. If they don't, the Production Warrant Officer, the Platoon WO, or the ET/PL Commander will sort it out. Don't worry about that stuff.

And good luck on BMQ.

It's all been said beofre but, WRT your own tools......
- If you break your tool, you are out of luck, DND will not replace it - cause their tool isn't broken.
- If you use your tool and it causes an injury, there will be blame handed out to - you

If your tools get stolen
If your tools get lost
- once again you are out of luck, DND will not replace it.... cause their tools aren't missing

In Afghanistan, if the vehicle you & your tools are traveling in is damaged "outside the wire" & you have to abandon everything... DND will not replace the tools, cause their tools aren't missing.

So... if you really want to bring your own tools, be my guest, but don't bit$h if you are left holding the bag.

WRT pushing a vehicle that has been grounded back onto the road, before it's been fixed.....
NEVER, NEVER , NEVER will we put a vehicle on the road because it's unsafe.
If there is a safety issue, report it & make sure you are eloquent when you explain the facts of life to your supervisor... put it in writing - get HIM to sign off on the repairs having been done OR that the repairs weren't required.
Since we are on the topic does anyone know where I could get my hands on an old "Fitters Kit " box I know its big but it held all the tools I ever needed.
crown assets disposal? (or whatever they are called these days)
well thanks for the reliable advice, i was getting frustrated getting 10 differant stories from 10 differant people, and obviously wrong advice at that.  Im sure im not the first to say this, but this website is a life saver for us panicky recruits.  im 100% ready for BMQ with no worries.  thanks for the help.
:salute: Hello all!
I am Pte Kruger, and I'm currently posted to CFB Borden and enjoying my step 3 QL3 course at CFSEME.

When I joined up, I had no idea what I was getting into. In that vein - I want to try and post a general guideline for prospective recruits. This is what a recruit can expect as far as timelines for training, where that training will occur, and what it will cover- with my personal experience being my source for info - so you can blame that for any errors/omissions. If you have anything to add - feel free!

Here goes.

When you walk into the recruiting office for the first time, you will get a large package of information to fill out. You'll need to complete and provide references, a resume, education records (originals, no photocopies)  certificates, licences, etc. The recruiting office should provide more exact instruction as to what you'll need.
You may or may not have to complete a fitness test for the recruitment office. When I joined in Sep. 06, you did - but I have heard from more recent recruits you no longer do. In any case, it was VERY easy.
If you are a semi-skilled entry - IE college diploma in mechanics of any form, apprentice or journeyman - your file will be sent to CFSEME at CFB Borden to be evaluated ref: your entry into either the Step 3 or Step 5 programs. This period of evaluation TAKES TIME. 5 months in my case.
If you are an unskilled entry - you can expect an offer very soon, generally depending on availability of BMQ courses.

Upon being given an offer and swearing in, you will be sent to BMQ - basic military qualification.
When I was sworn in, I was sent to St. Jean Quebec for my course. St. Jean is the primary CF training base for BMQ.
However, you may also be posted to CFB Gagetown (NB) CFB Borden (On) as BMQ courses are run there also.
BMQ courses currently run for 14 weeks - 13 weeks of training with 1 week of admin, kitting, etc.
When I was on BMQ, it was 13 weeks with a day or two of admin.
BMQ covers all the usual soldiery with the more recently added content being a couple weeks in the field on top of your range time. You will be introduced to scenarios that you may encounter on deployment, like searching a prisoner, rules of engagement, running a roadblock, patrolling (lots of patrolling) and sentry duty.
Remember, soldier first, vehicle tech second.

Upon completion of BMQ you will be posted to PRETC at CFB Borden. At this point, as semi-skilled entry, you should recieve your pay raise ref: your posting message.
If you have been granted Pte 3, you should get your hook. If you have been granted Cpl, you should get a Cpl epaulet.
PRETC is much maligned by anyone who has seen how it operates or experienced it. I don't care WHAT it says in the Maple Leaf! Suffice to say, your ONLY goal while at PRETC should be to leave PRETC as soon as possible. I'll get back to this in a minute.
You may spend anywhere between 5 days and 5 months at PRETC before being posted to a BMQ-L course.
Average overall time spent at PRETC (not counting training/postings) for most of my Step 3 course ranges from 1 month to 9.

When I went through, it had just changed from being called SQ (soldier qualification) to BMQ-L. It currently takes 4 weeks to complete.
BMQ-L takes place at quite a few bases in Canada - Including but as far as I know, not limited to: CFB Gagetown, CFB Meaford, CFB Shilo.
All army trades get to enjoy BMQ-L. This course covers machine guns- C9, C6, grenades, Recce operations, Defence of a position, and a few more interesting items, like sound identification, trip flares, para flares, smoke grenades, building wire fences, camouflage, and lots of section attacks.

After completion of BMQ-L you will be sent back to PRETC.
PRETC will give you some training- if you're lucky. LSVW and MLVW courses are currently being run by the PRETC driver cell. Also, you may be sent on to Air Brakes training. You may get these before or after BMQ-L, depending on how on the ball PRETC is for you.
The driver course currently runs 4 weeks (with 2 weeks of training.) Air brakes is 3 days. These courses are not set-in-stone prerequisites for your QL3 training, no matter what anyone tells you. Nonetheless, they are good to have, and if offered, you should JUMP on the opportunity.
Further options to evade PRETC as a vehicle tech are postings - you can be posted to a variety of bases for general training requirements. I have had friends play OPFOR for CFB Borden BMQ courses, Officer courses run at CFB Kingston, and a couple were even sent to Arizona to run busy work for a kitchen.
As a semi-skilled Vehicle Tech, if you keep your nose clean and have a little luck, you may get posted to Borden Base Maintenance to work with the many awesome dudes down there. If you're REALLY lucky you may get to work at 400 Tactical Helicopter Squadron. In my time at PRETC I was posted to both 400 THS maintenance (Hello Byron, Nat and Mike!) and base maintenance.

Your final escape from PRETC is CET/CETT - regimental and technical training. CET is a couple weeks, CETT a month. It's a common course - so you will spend some time with the Mat. Techs, EO techs, FCS techs. Tolerate them - after this course you'll never see so many of them again! (NBL)
This takes place at Regimental Coy. CET covers branch history, EME CoC, LEMS, use of MXCD as well as a day or two in the field learning the place of a QL3 in field ops/recovery/MRT ops. CETT involves learning things like blueprinting, welding, grinding, measurements and so on.
After completion of CET, you SHOULD be provided your EME dress uniform eqpt. - collar dogs, buttons, shoulder tags, hat badges both brass and cloth and your EME epaulets.
As a further bonus, you should by this time be located in the EME shacks - 2 to a room, and a closet!  ;D

As a semi-skilled entry, you will not have to do CETT. Upon completion of CET you will be sent to Regimental HQ pat plt for a short time to await the start of a QL3 or CETT course.

To demonstrate how messed up the training schedule can become:
I spent some time working with MCpl Dawe at CFSEME rebuilding a couple Iltis jeeps, and was then posted to Q&A at base maintenance. (an excellent posting) My comrades (step 3) were sent back to PRETC to do driver and BMQ-L training, while the step 5 student was sent to CFB Gagetown to work at base maintenance there.

Currently PRETC has cooked up a scheme to send soldiers to civilian colleges in Newfoundland and Ottawa for their 3s training. How CFSEME will deal with these men I don't yet know. Whether or not they will continue to send future vehicle techs to college is also up in the air as of this writing. They are attending a full year of college - other than that I will have to get in touch with a couple friends to get more info. 

Otherwise a QL3 course will come together and your name will be put upon it. The course currently runs 6 months, and covers the very basics. Fuel, electrical, chassis, engines, track, etc etc.
Semi-skilled students, step 3 or 5 are both slotted into a step 3 course.
At one point the Step co-ordinator was able to slot step students into regular QL3/5 course modules for a short period and then slot them into other modules - however due to a surplus of students and surfeit of courses for them, there are currently no longer extra slots on courses to use for this purpose.
The step 3 course runs approx. 10 weeks. I've only just started mine but it VERY quickly covers the same material you will have seen either on the job or in college.

Upon completion of QL3 or Step 3, students will be posted to either CFB Valcartier, CFB Edmonton, or CFB Petawawa service battalions for QL4 (OJT) for 12-14 months. There is currently absolutely no choice for step 3 students beyond those 3 bases. CFB Edmonton has the greatest demand due to cost of living.
For QL3 students, upon completion of your QL4 training, which is very similar to apprentice work (ie completing certain tasks under supervision) you will return to CFSEME for your QL5 training.
For step 5 students, upon completion of the step 3 course, you will bypass QL4 training and stay on at CFSEME for more mechanical training, as well as MRT and Recovery work. After that, you are still likely to end up at one of the three previously mentioned bases, but with the possible addition of CFB Gagetown and a couple others.

Kit guide:
BMQ: use what you are given and like it.
BMQ-L: you MAY get issued newer kit including goretex OD jacket, WW boots, combat sock system, polypro underwear, gerber, fleece gauntlets, temperate gloves, Ballistic glasses, and so on. Depends on posting. If you don't get it at your posting, CFB Borden clothing can not supply it to PRETC students.
CET/CETT: DEU kit, EME epaulet, safety boots
QL3: nearly full entitlement. Currently base clothing is providing everything short of Cadpat jackets to QL3 students. This is your chance to get covered button uniforms, tac vest, small pack and anything you didn't get on BMQ-L.


I hope somebody finds this guide useful!  :cdnsalute: The road to being posted to a Svc Bn is a long one. From the time I walked into a recruitment office to starting my QL3 training, 21 months passed. In that time I've worked harder, partied harder, met more good friends and done more cool army crap than I have space to mention here.
So hey - stick with it. You just might enjoy your time.