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Voluntary Occupational Transfer ( VOT )

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I am hoping a Career Manager can help me with a question I have.

I applied for a VOT, and had a PLAR done on my education and experience, it was determined that I would not have to do POET or the Applications Phase of ATIS Tech training and I would go straight to my OJTP. At the end of my BPSO interview, the BPSO had said that I should be prepared that I might get a posting as soon as I sign the paperwork, without talking to a career manager. This is a concern for me as I would at least like to be able to voice my posting preferences and my reason for staying local. I am, of course, aware and prepared that I can be posted anywhere in Canada with this trade and that the needs of the Military come first, but to not have at least my preferences seen or heard is a bit troubling as I feel it is my responsibility to my family to try for our favoured postings.

Anyways, I've asked around a bit at work and I cant seem to get proper clarification as to what will or may actually happen.

Will a Career Manager get in contact with me, after I accept the VOT, and we will have a discussion about postings?
Will I just get a posting message sometime after signing and end up who knows where?

Any advice and knowledge is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

Ok, I am not a career manager, but from my VOT experience I'll give you my  :2c:.

- if you receive a VOT offer, both the losing and gaining CMgrs will be receive the OT offer and acceptance message;  the sequence of events should go something like (1) you receive a OT Offer message, with X time to reply yes or no (2) you send your acceptance msg (3) you receive your OT instructions that will have all the relevant info, including posting info (normally to a BTL but in your case it might not be).

- bypassing POET -  POET is usually a pre-cource to your initial occ training - I was ATIS when I OTd last and am not up with the latest/greatest stuff in the 226 world.  Is the applications Phase the old QL3?  If so then the trade would likely want to post your somewhere where you can progress thru all your OJT (was QL3 Apprentice OJTP vice a QL4 qual when I left the trade a while ago).  This could be your current location possibly (you'd know that better than we would...but the best place, IMO, is a Wing with all the necessary sections like IT, FM radio, Airfield, Nav Aids, etc).

- I am not sure if the CMgr would contact you directly or contact your CWO.  My advice - I would contact the PSO who did your interview and ask them if they have a minute;  voice your concerns and they should be able to tell you how they are looking after that kind of stuff;  if you are concerned, don't wait.  Alternatively, you could wait to you receive a OT offer message.

I'd prefer to have the discussion sooner than later, so I'd be asking the PSO if it were me.  If you are bypassing the QL3 level training, you can expect the posting and onto OJT (unless things have really changed in the 226 world).
Hey Eye,

I just checked the PLAR report and you are correct, its QL3 that is the other part I am exempt from(QL3 and POET). I had talked with some ATIS Techs a while ago and they said something similar to what you just said, that there's a chance I will stay local for the OJT portion (1.5 ish years) since all the training can be done here. Also, I had called my PSO yesterday, and he pretty much reiterated what he told me in the interview, and also cryptically stated I belong to the Air Force now  :o and not sure if he was joking or actually knew something. haha

But thank you for the info, it does fill a few holes as to what it going to be happening if my VOT goes through. :)
If all your OJTP can be completed where you are now, I'd make a semi-educated guess the CMgr will leave you where you are - its no cost to the CF and better for you. 

ATIS is a great trade - I left because I wanted something a little more high speed and I was told that it would be a while before I would be posted to the Gypsies (which is where I really wanted to go...).
A "Semi-educated" guess leaning towards what I want is at least better than one leading towards what I don't want haha  ;)
Still hoping to hear from any career managers (or anyone else with insight) if any are around to clarify how things may unfold for me.

Thanks in advance :)
Dingoo said:
Still hoping to hear from any career managers (or anyone else with insight) if any are around to clarify how things may unfold for me.

Thanks in advance :)
Just so you know, you can contact the new CM and ask. That would be the easiest solution. CM's contact info is very easy to find on the DWAN in the same place you find the CM briefs, trade info, postings/position info etc.

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I had thought about that, but my current chain of command recommended I didn't do that, as I would probably piss the CM off seeing as I am still in my current trade, and no VOT offers have come through yet. :/
Dingoo said:
I had thought about that, but my current chain of command recommended I didn't do that, as I would probably piss the CM off seeing as I am still in my current trade, and no VOT offers have come through yet. :/
Yeah that makes sense. If/when you get your offer of OT, Id get in contact. A quick conversation could clear up everything for you.

Chances are they will leave you where you are IF you can do the ojt package there, as it's the most cost effective solution. However it is the military and they sometimes do some weird things.

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Yeah you need an offer that you accept first. One that's done, you can ask via CoC to your new CM about your posting. You'll find of you have a good understanding of what you need to accomplish and why you can do it all where you are at, they will be more likely to accommodate.
Good day,

I component transferred from the Res F to the Reg F a little under a year ago. I CT'd into a trade that I was partially qualified for from my civilian education and employment. Everything was going well until I started clinical placement and realized how gruesome the operating room is. Even though I'm doing well in my training and progressing successfully, I don't think I can work in this occupation without feeling sick to my stomach every time a person is being open up in front of me or me holding a portion of their cancerous intestines sending it for pathology or the nauseating smell of cauterized tissue. I continue to do the training and put in my 100%, but I was wondering if there is a way to OT before completing 3-years in this occupation. I do like working for the military and want to continue to do so for a long time, I have no issue moving or taking a pay cut to train for another occupation. However, I can't find anything that addresses whether or not I can OT prior to the 3-year time limit outlined in my TOS. If anyone has any information about this it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Can you elaborate more on 'partial qualified'?  Are you complete your QL3, either by way of equivalency or completing the course?

Nice baseline to start from. 
Hello,I just have some questions about the OT process that I haven't been able to find answers to on here.
So far from what I understand I have to be accepted for a VOT-U before I complete my dp1 course. However, recently I was told that another person on my troop who is trying to OT was denied due to him having completed his SQ course. Either way, I want out of this trade and want to go into Mar tech, but I'm fearing that my window is closing. What are my options here?
As far as I know you don't need it to be approved before completing DP1. We had a guy put his request in while on his QL3 and right after completing the course he accepted his offer and is now heading out to complete DP1.

Now the staff in this trade are very helpful if you feel you don't want to be in the trade and will work to get you out. Since your talking about DP1 I assume you're combat arms which operates a bit differently when it comes to letting people out. Talking with some guys that spent a lot of time on a BTL they had to have failed twice off DP1 before their COC would recommend a VOT.
There's a lot of regs on this, the main one is CFAO 11-12.  Lots of things could affect this, like the health of the trade you are in and the health of the trade you want to get into.

Are you on your initial occupation training now?  Not MOC qualified?  If you're not qualified in your trade yet, you aren't looking to (and can't) OT, you are seeking a MOC Reassignment...

Where are you now?  BMQ?  Reg or Res? 

I am currently untrained and I am on a PAT platoon. I'm in artillery and want to VOT-U to Mar Tech. I am awaiting a meeting with the bpso but it seems as though my time is running out and I don't want to be stuck here for another 2 .5 years. I know I'm at the mercy of the system but I want to know what my options are if I can't  VOT-U in time. Thanks.
HammerHeart said:
I am currently untrained

You may find this discussion of interest,

Occupational and Component Transfers (OT/CT/VOT) During and After BMQ (Merged)
7 pages.
HammerHeart said:
I am awaiting a meeting with the bpso

The BPSO will have all that info;  if you can apply, what trades are open, all that stuff.  They'll need to review your CFAT scores, Med Category and a bunch of other things will come into play.  The main thing, is the BPSO interview.

When is your BPSO interview?
If a person applied for and was accepted to VOT from HRA to FSA would the switch happen right after the offer was signed or would they wait until summer?  My CoC told me it wouldn't happen until summer and that's certainly what they want but if I was allowed to stay the same area, I would prefer it happened immediately.  if not I would rather wait until summer because of my son's school.