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Voluntary Release Questions

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I was commissioned as an officer over 30 years ago.  Before that, I served as a Reserve NCM.  One thing I will say without a single doubt in my mind is that officer and NCM jobs are different, but neither is "better" than the other, both in terms of social status or the actual job.  It's really a matter of what is the right fit for the individual.  Some folks who are amazing NCMs in all respects, including leadership and organization would make terrible officers and would fail miserably if they attempted it.  By the same token, there are amazing officers who wouldn't last a day as an NCM (and this has nothing to do with their technical competence).  The point, as I said is all about what is the best fit for the individual.  Having said that, there is tremendous benefit for an officer to start his/her service as an NCM, if for no other reason than to learn to understand the people he/she will expected to lead.

The OP has implied that part of the problem may be his father's perception that he should be an officer and that to be otherwise is some sort of failure.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  One can easily have a very successful career as an NCM and if money is an issue, it's worth noting that officers' salaries don't really start to exceed NCM salaries until they reach captain rank and it won't be until you reach major that an officer's salary exceeds that of every NCM pay level.

Although it does sometimes seem necessary to release from the CAF and then to re-apply in order to get the program you want, this can be a very risky course of action, particularly if you had difficulty enrolling in the first place.  Consider this, could it may have taken such a long time because you were not the strongest candidate to start with?  If that's the case, releasing now, particularly without having anything substantial on your service record, may not strengthen your file.  In fact, I would argue that it could weaken it (i.e. releasing prior to OFP is not a significant accomplishment).  Maintaining your current course, however, gives you an opportunity to prove yourself and convince your CO to recommend you for commissioning.  Note that for the type of commissioning plan you're likely looking at, there is no obligation for you to continue in the infantry (e.g. you could become a pilot if you want - and meet the criteria).  I would also argue at this point that releasing and reapplying is not necessarily going to speed things up.  It may be a little faster (or it could fail), but if you don't release and apply internally, you will still bet paid while you wait.  If you release, you don't.

You need to do what's right for you.  If you can't deal with your father's disappointment, then maybe releasing is the best course of action, but are you sure that that is all there is to this?  If you being an officer will make him happy, you can tell him without a word of a lie, that you are on that path.  Things like this do not necessarily happen overnight, but they can happen if you apply yourself and are patient.  That degree that your father paid for will help in the process.  In the meantime, you're employed and that's a good thing.

Good luck and GET THEE TO THE BPSO!  He/she is the best source of information on the commissioning programs available to you and the best way to get there.
I have looked for this particular answer but the answer evades me! Could someone tell me the timeline with an VR request? Meaning, if you choose to VR, the military doesn't necessary have to meet your request, do they have a timeline they could release you?

Say you request VR of six months, they say no, can they say , nope we are giving the boot in 30 days? Is that the earliest?
6 months in most cases. If you have a good reason you can request it sooner and it may be accommodated, for example, when I left in 2009 I went to the reserves in a different trade and was released from the Reg Force in 5 months at my request to begin training. I have also seen earlier releases accommodated for people enrolled in school.

There is also a policy to expedite the release of untrained members currently on the BTL. I'm on leave so I don't have the DWAN link at the moment.
TrunkMonkey315 said:
6 months in most cases. If you have a good reason you can request it sooner and it may be accommodated,

For reference, Reply #18


39.  A member, except those serving under ROTP, MOTP, DOTP, or DITP, who
enrols, re-enrols or transfers into the Regular Force on or after 1 Jan 82,
and requests voluntary release, will not normally have that request
approved, except during a period of recruit training as specified in
paragraph 36 of this annex, for a period of three years commencing from the
date of enrolment unless compassionate circumstances exist.  Subject to the
requirement to complete the initial three year period of service, a member
must submit that request at least six months in advance of the preferred
date of release or the commencement of terminal leave whichever is earlier.
Subject to deferral for a military requirement, as prescribed in paragraph
44 of this annex, the request will normally be approved to be effective on
the date requested.  Should military and personal requirements be
compatible, the six-month period of notice may be reduced by the approving
authority at NDHQ.

See also, Reply #6 and Reply #14 in this discussion for the above reference.
Can D Mil C or whoever say," 6 month release? Hell No, you are gone in less than 30 Days"? My CoC had used this to threaten or discourage people from VR, is that accurate?
Mediman14 said:
Hell No, you are gone in less than 30 Days"?

For discussion of 30 day release,

Mediman14 said:
My CoC had used this to threaten or discourage people from VR, is that accurate?

Se also,

VR being pushed aside

VR Declined

Holding back a release 

For some reason, I can't see the My Journey to release. After reading from what I seen on others. My guess the answer is "No". I know you should give a 6 month notice from your requested VR date. I know a release can be denied due to x,y,z but I just have not seen it in black and white saying no - DGMC/ D Mil C can't release you whenever they feel like it
Mediman14 said:
Sorry that's not it, It was labelled "My release journey"

"My Voluntary Release Journey"

Reply #64
There are formal processes in place before D Mil C will release anyone.  The CAF observes procedural fairness in any such situation.