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Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

fraserdw said:
Check out the link to the Scout/Snipers or as they call themselves "hunters of gunmen".

Shhh, careful, they might find us... like their website says "something something something DARKNESS something something YOU WILL BE HUNTED something"
If any of those airsofters are reading this;

I have some grey things for sale dudes!  Chestrigs, body armor, tccc kits, boots, patches and even genuine maps for the been there done that factor.
PJGary said:
Hahaha, oh no, the video got posted here too...

6CBG: "We have the muzzle discipline of a glow stick at a rave"... anybody want to translate that into Latin for them?

Nobis rostrum disciplinam meridiem baculo ad flexanima

ArmyVern said:
Nobis rostrum disciplinam meridiem baculo ad flexanima


Easy for you, when it's your native language. 

Cause everyone spoke that back then, right? ;D
I have a big growl on about that loser/poser 6CBG
1. No need to wear official CF rank, maybe we should inform the police when they do;
2. Get some bloody non issued (even if its outdated) clothing; and
3. They are fooking fooling themselves. I know some air soft whatever they call themselves that do not also pretend to be in any military.

They are losers and seeking an identification that can only be built with the equity of blood, sweat and tears. And freezing. And lots of dirt. And lots of inspections. And lots of jackings. And of course, doing all the tedious work that soldiers do as well (OP, gate guard, watching arcs for hours on end)...

From the original article
.... In 2009, he was interviewed and photographed in full military gear for a weekly newspaper publication in Niverville. The story, titled Local Heroes Welcomed Home, spoke of how three local soldiers had just returned from a tour of Afghanistan. Tuckett attended the event and told a reporter he was anxious to head overseas ....
That article is still up (wonder what the media would be saying now if the MP had had a photo taken with said dude?) - scan of article attached in case the link isn't working anymore by the time you read this.
Wow....nice to see Josh Tuckett's name again, only in the court system.  I was in Winnipeg when his name came up and began an investigation regarding this guy.  The more I delved into him, the more strange vibes I got. Things didn't add up when talking to some people down at Minto Armoury so I started talking to some contacts with Winnipeg Police about him.  Low and behold, he had gone into Gordon's Contractor's on Main Street and started spouting off about all this "specialized training" he received and how he was going back to Afghanistan for the 7th time.  What he didn't know is there was a WPS officer, off duty in the store, who was ex PPCLI, who in fact had been to the sandbox and started asking ol Josh a few questions.  Of course, Josh got flustered and upset and caused quite a commotion.......blaming PTSD.

Nice to see something I worked on actually make a difference.
These guys getting together playing soldier doesn't bug me-they could be doing worse things with their time.

When someone like this lies about being in the military I'm happy to see them publically humiliated.

I think the only person really hurt by this are soldiers with true cases of PTSD.
Reading this story I couldn't help but think geee even fake soldiers fake PTSD. It
Shows you how common place faking PTSD has come.
He rejected questions from the judge about Tuckett's mental state, saying there is no evidence of any issues.

Really? PTSD no, obviously not. Some other serious mental condition that would compel a person to act like this? I think so. If he goes untreated, what will his next elaborate scam be? Perhaps it won't quite be so harmless.
ObedientiaZelum said:
These guys getting together playing soldier doesn't bug me-they could be doing worse things with their time.

Potential opportunity for an Ops/Trg Sgt...


They disabled comments on the original video and unlisted it from youtube, so you need a link to see it now.  Seems someone got embarassed?
cdnleaf said:
Potential opportunity for an Ops/Trg Sgt...

Wow; a LBV and mucho Keiths. Not that I am into old kit or into drinking beer (it just gets in my mouth), but I'd take that job just for the obvious upgrade in the pots and pans from the system-stocked ones!!  >:D
Quote from a member of 6CBG

Against my better judgement I am going to clarify some stuff about Josh Tuckett and about 6CBG.

First, Josh Tuckett was not trying to draw kit from 17 Wing supply he may have been a colossal idiot, but I don't think he was a thief.

How this all started, he was arrested by the MP's I believe the Wednesday following Remembrance day at a local Army Cadet Unit that he was Volunteering at. The commanding officer of the unit, had previously asked Josh for a letter from his CO stating that he was approved to be conducting training with cadets. This is required to ensure that the member is covered by DND in the event of a medical emergency, and also to ensure that the members CO is in the know. Josh obviously was not able to produce this letter, and when asked about it he got belligerent with the CO of the cadet unit who then made a call to the MP's. The MP's came down to the Cadet unit where they confronted Josh, and asked him for his Military ID, which at the time he was unable to produce, so they loaded him in the car and took him to the MP shack at 17 Wing, where he was questioned and then released. The MP's then told the CO of the cadet unit that Josh wasn't a military member. This of course caused a bit of a shit storm around RCSU as this guy had been working with this particular cadet corps for quite a while and why this hadn't been found out sooner was a complete mystery. In the end he was discovered to be a fraud because he was trying to work with cadets in a capacity of a CF member. Honestly I don't know what his motivations were, and to people who had served in the past his deception was very convincing.

As for 6CBG and our role in this stupid affair, negligible. In fact as others have indicated he was asked to leave the team and he did so. We don't condone his behavior and have made great strides to distance ourselves from him.

Outside of the some of the comments made above, several members myself included are current serving or retired members of the CF, we don't wear any current issued kit, we don't act in a manner when in the public in a way that would bring disrespect or impact the CF in a negative manner. I don't intend to convince anyone otherwise, but I felt is necessary to clarify especially in regards to Josh. As much as he has made some serious errors in judgement he wasn't a bad guy, and though I forgive him for what he did, I won't forget. He is still a friend. Just not one I trust as much as I used to.

Flame away if you must.

Quote from a poster on that same forum

- First and foremost, what you NEED to understand is that as a team they don't actually play airsoft. They just do mock training simulation and use airsoft as a prop.
- They do an airborne impression, 3 platoons, two in OD and one with OD pants and DPM shirt
- They wear rank insignias, okay. They wear cap badges and other such items to be earned in blood and sweat, totally not okay.
-I've learned first hand from an ex-member of their team that they have team required mess-kit, and have formal dinners, in a similar manner to those of the CF. Okay do what you want on your off time, but that's taking the simulation WAY too far in my opinion.
-They stand at attention, march, and do OP orders and what not for games. Way above and beyond what's required, or even what's socially acceptable.
- Despite their diligent adherence to their own rules and op orders, they have a tendency to leave OPs early without telling anyone to have dinner, or sleep, run out of ammo, or leave when they're getting hit too hard.
- They have a "resupply" gator, which hauls water and such around the field, and is driven by the most repulsive and anti-social person you'll ever meet. They also frequently remind us that their gator is an "armored vehicle" and the driver is therefore impervious to enemy fire.
- Despite having a surprisingly large team member base, they've never focused on any kind of personal skill for their guys, so they're individual skill is sub-par. They are also discouraged from attending scrims or any small games that help build personal skill.
- Their leader indicated that he knows the colonel that actually does ranger training in the US, and that's how he got a hold of the ranger handbook. But everyone knows you can find it easily enough online for free.
- Their leader once complained of possibly contracting trench foot after playing a 16 hour game
- Unfortunately due to how their team works, banning the leader meant his team was then strongly encouraged to not go to that event anymore.
fraserdw said:
They disabled comments on the original video and unlisted it from youtube, so you need a link to see it now.  Seems someone got embarassed?

The poster of the video made it for a film class, and is not affiliated with the group (or doesn't appear to be). Probably got flamed a lot because the group are morons, so the author disabled comments. The video has only like 15 likes and 160 dislikes, so I think that's why its hidden away, too much bad press for a film student who thought they did something interesting.
Some more 6CBG videos