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What are you listening to/fav type of music

Hatchet Man said:
Goth and Industrial are usually grouped together (even though they sound nothing alike) as a Heavy Metal subclassification.
For Industrial, think Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy, Rammstein, Some Fear Factory, Jakalope (basically stuff that sounds like machines, or machine noise background, large pieces of iron being banged together)
Goth, the only one that springs to mind is Type O Negative and Dimmu Borgir

I'm currently listening to a goth band, Bauhaus, who are often credited as being one of the first goth bands, if not the first.
Celebrity Jeopardies. Damn funny, espically all the Sean Connery ones. ;D

Well..........this thread got cut down just a bit......83 pages gone.....anyway, now....

Right Now - SR-71
post metal, metalcore, hardcore and acousitc emo lol ( last one is lame but i get headaches after a while lol )


from first to last
a change of pace
Dallas Green are all on my high rotation

but Billy Joel's Piano Man will remain one of my all time favorite songs ever.

Richard Cheese- Enter Sandman

You have to listen to this guy, he's brilliant.
Cradle of Filth- Fear of the Dark

The Berzerker  :dontpanic:
Seether- Out Of My Way

The Offsprings......many more....

Wolf  :cdn: