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What are you listening to/fav type of music

Right now, listening to Colin James - BAD HABITS. Great blues album, though that could be said of most (if not all) of Colin's records. Will listen to "Rooftops and Satellites" next.
Just discovered Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, a punk cover band that covers non-punk songs.

If you're going 'cover', go Canadian.

And just because everytime I have to play it on Youtube instead of on vinyl I get pissed. I thought for sure it would come out on an album but nope, just the 300 copies of the single on vinyl. Probably the newest holy grail of vinyl....[not safe for work and /or sensitive people.]

Went to get skates sharpened and grabbed the new Headstones CD.

Let's listen, shall we....


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Just picked up the new DISTURBED album - Divisive, listening to it now. Really good (if you're into Disturbed).
Found some CD's I burned when Napster was still a thing, listening to "retro #3", no playlist and its awesome.......... I had so forgotten how much I loved 'Candy" by Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson. [B-52's]
Got the new turntable set up, didn't know that a lot of the old ones don't like the shallowness of the grooves on 'modern day' vinyl. The shallower grooves allow for better sound then old records apparently, as I picked up the new Alice Cooper on vinyl and my stylus jumped like crazy. All better now....

Oh yes,....listening to BTO 2.
Sam and Dave Greatest. Yes I'm that old, for the youngies see ref in Balushi's Blues Brothers.
Almost perfection.....


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And grabbed one more.
Hastings Street is a classic.


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