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What are you listening to/fav type of music

I listened to The Doors "Light My Fire" followed by "Faded Love" by Bob Wills, then "The RIver" by Garth Brooks.

Yes I am ADD musically
I've been on a pretty big Postmodern Jukebox kick lately...

This song in particular.

Though this song also has been popping up quite a bit as well.

Also, I never imagined I'd be into a banjo solo...

The way things have been unfolding the past week, I can only recommend watching one of the performances of "Fire" by Arthur Brown.
Into the second month my A to Z vinyl listen,po.jpg its now time for one of the most underrated Ontario band of the 80's, Pukka Orchestra.

I like funk, breaks, 90s hiphop, and a lot of strange stuff. Grew up on nuMetal though ;)
Picked this 1970 double album up yesterday at an auction for two bucks.......didn't know what it was, but couldn't let it sit there while I picked up a couple records I wanted.
Thoroughly enjoying it right now......feel like I could be an extra in Animal House or The Blues Brothers.


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