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What does your workplace/cubicle/office/hole in wall etc need

More people that actually want my help, and fewer people who tell me to F/O every time I walk by.
A gate between my compound and the compound of the rest of my unit.  :crybaby:
A spray bottle so I can squirt people who come in and complain. 
I haven't decided what liquid I want in it yet.  >:D
We keep requesting pool noodles to beat stupid clients...or co-workers with.  They're soft and don't leave marks but are good for relieving frusteration.

Unforunately we haven't been able to get it past finance yet...

I like the pool noodle idea. It will work great with my spray bottle. 
Squirt them in the face and while they're blinded beat them with the pool noodle.
Dr Evil's high back chair that on command drops back to a pit........ oh to go with the flame, the goon, or fricken sharks with laZer beams
Crantor said:
Does anyone remember the "Twenty Minute Workout" show that was was borderline semi-porn that pretended to be an exercise show?  Three girls on a spinning wheel exercising in tandem to bad synthesized music?


What he said.  Man I miss that...show.
More padding. What's on the walls now just isn't cutting it.  :brickwall:
dangerboy said:
A roll of tape so I can make walls.

Ya mean like this office?  ;D


Jim Seggie said:
Les Nesman......wanted a hole in that wall....ya know why....

Umm, we all know Bailey was better looking.....


On the positive side:
My office is a former private hospital room on a former surgical floor in a former hospital, I have a private bathroom  right in my office (for which I am personally responsible for cleaning and stocking with amenities). 

Wish List:
I long for clean air (air filtration system is on order), effective lighting (although I have several windows in my office, I need a living room lamp to light my office), a computer built in the new millenium, asbestos-free walls and ceilings (would be nice), an ergonomic chair and desk (to comfort my ailing back).  An on-site registered massage therapist and reasonably-priced cafeteria food would also be nice.

Jim Seggie said:
I agree, I thought Bailey was far hotter.

I think we all agree that Bailey was at least seemingly in our own league.
My Office can have some other Chief. I'd much rather have a ship-I love the tight quarters!!
I'd like a shotgun in my office.  But I'd settle for a heavy-duty Nerf gun.  I'm less likely to get in trouble for that one.
Strike said:
I'd like a shotgun in my office.  But I'd settle for a heavy-duty Nerf gun.  I'm less likely to get in trouble for that one.

Nerf guns won't kill zombies. ;)