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What kind of Canadian are you? (Unscientific quiz)


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From the Globe and Mail:

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My results:  Most like a Prairie dweller.  Yep, totally unscientific.  ;D
Most likely an East Coaster!

Oh man, do they know me well! 100% true haha, I'm actually surprised.
Most like an Ontarian.  Posted in NL for close to 5 years, and I have yet to try flipper pie.
East Coaster. Even though I've only visited the Maritimes twice, once going through Cornwallis and the next time for RV '81. I think they loaded the questions to reflect certain outcomes. For example, the question about the CBC should have included an answer like, "Getting rid of it." That would have been my answer.  Totally unscientific.
Retired AF Guy said:
For example, the question about the CBC; they should have included answer like, "Getting rid of it." That would have been my answer.  Totally unscientific.

Yeah, so I'm from Quebec but am more like an Albertan... I knew I didn't fit in! >:D
So apparently I am an Albertan...... ::)  Considering I have lived in Toronto my whole life.

I am only 14% an Ontarian,

You’re most like an Ontarian
While Ontarians aren't the biggest fans of Harper (PC Member Here) or seal meat(I'll try anythig once), they've got mixed feelings on oil production, taking vacations, legalizing marijuana and what the future holds for the Liberals (death to them all  >:D). They care for the Queen (I am indifferent, probably cause of my Irish Heritage), the long-gun registry (big f'ing was of money) and the CBC (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH yeah.....no). And they fully expect four more years of Obama (indifferent, my stance with US presidents has always been I can't choose, therefore I don't care).
Given the amount of dope that is smoked in this kleptocracy of NB, I am amazed that East Coasters do not like dope.  But it seems I am an east coaster!
As an Anglo-Quebecer living in Ontario, obviously I'm most like an Albertan. 
East Coaster - even though I was born and raised on the Prairies, and have only lived here for 2 years! They should have added a "get rid of CBC" choice!

Unscientific and biased. Most like an East Coaster - Hate Stephen Harper, love the Liberals (despite my selecting "when time travel is invented").
Didn't bother taking it...lived pretty much from one end to the other, up and down, so, as far as I'm concerned, I'm just a Canadian eh.

Perhaps this survey is subtle subterfuge by the Career Managers and they are attempting to tell me that an actual posting (vice attached) to Edmonton is in my future. Apparently, I am an Albertan.
East Coaster. Funny that's where we want to be posted and finally retire out there.
Put me on the entirely wrong coast. I've only been to BC once, and the closest I got to the Pacific was Whistler.

Definitely not scientific.
"Most likely an East Coaster"

Ha! Now I have the "scientific" evidence I need to shut all those friends up that refused to believe me when, on my rare postings to the West coast fleet, I kept telling them I was on the wrong coast and somebody in Ottawa screwed up.

I think I'll have that Keith now.

Happy Canada day week-end to all. :)