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Who'll be the next CDS? Speculation here, please!!

More, reproduced under the Fair Dealing provisions of the Copyright Act from the Globe and mail:


Lt.-Gen. Thomas Lawson named Canada's new chief of defence staff

The Canadian Press

Published Monday, Aug. 27 2012

Lieutenant-General Thomas Lawson has been named as Canada’s next new chief of the defence staff, the country’s top military post.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Lt.-Gen. Lawson, the current deputy commander of NORAD — the North American Aerospace Defense Command — will formally succeed General Walt Natynczyk within weeks.

Lt.-Gen. Lawson is an air force officer and one-time commander of the Royal Military College.

He graduated from the college in 1979 and also commanded an air squadron and Canadian Forces Base Trenton during his career.

He became deputy commander at NORAD in July 2011.

Gen. Natynczyk has held the chief’s job since July 2008.

This, in some small way, validates the rumours that the two most often named RCN officers both asked to not have the job.
Never heard of him.  At least it's not Leslie.  I'll wait and see otherwise.
Take a about a career with a jet-pack - 9 years from promotion to Col to CDS.
Simian Turner said:
Take a about a career with a jet-pack - 9 years from promotion to Col to CDS.

On the other hand, as a MilCol grad in '79 it means he enrolled in '75 - that's 37 years of service so far.

So more of a late bloomer than a jet pack.
I suppose he is a safe bet seeing as he has been working in a high profile slot with the cousins down south as of late.  They'll know him and that should make relations easier between us and them would it not?
Danjanou said:
Well according to one of the comments in the CBC article posted, he's .....
"...the guy who tracks Santa ...."

Hahaha.  Not only does he have a good relationship with American officials but he also has an in with the big guy up North.  This can only help with our Arctic sovereignty issues right?  Speaking of which, is Santa Canadian? haha
FYI, I've moved all the "we have a new CDS" posts to a new thread of its own:


Milnet.ca Staff
Technoviking said:

You want to start another war TV?  >:D

St. Nick wasn't from Greece.  He was from Turkey (Anatolia if you prefer). 

From  a link in the article posted:

"Patara - Birthplace of St. Nicholas, city west of Myra (now Demre, Turkey)"

Now his parentage,  that's probably another matter.
Snakedoc said:
But his residence.. clearly at least a dual Canadian citizen ;)

Fair dues.

Now, are you ready to perform a NEO should he run into grief on his rounds next Christmas?  :)
And we can start reading the tea leaves re:  a new CDS inbound!
The government is actively searching for a new top military commander to succeed General Tom Lawson after he asked that his three-year appointment not be extended.

Sources say Ottawa is now talking to prospective candidates to find the next chief of the defence staff.

“Interviews are happening,” a source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said.


The handful of three-star generals or flag officers in the Forces are the most likely pool of candidates to replace Gen. Lawson. They’re lieutenant-general or vice-admiral rank.

They include: Marquis Hainse, Commander of the Canadian Army; Mark Norman, Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy; Guy R. Thibault, Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff; Jonathan Vance, Commander of Canadian Joint Operations Command; Michael Day, Deputy Commander Allied Joint Force Command Naples; Bob Davidson, Canada’s Military Representative to NATO in Brussels; and Alain Parent, Deputy Commander at NORAD. Michael Hood is shortly replacing Yvan Blondin as Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force
rmacqueen said:
My money is on someone from the navy side

Who are you thinking about? VAdm Norman or VAdm Davidson? While both seem to have had solid careers (as you would expect of someone reaching that rank), neither of them seem to stand out on paper compared to the experience level of either LGen Vance or LGen Day, who would in my mind be the clear frontrunners. Although I could easily see both wanting to stay in their current jobs. LGen Vance is busy fighting a war and LGen Day gets to live in Italy!

(Yes I know that JFC Naples is a busy HQ, but hey, OUTCAN is OUTCAN!)
We've had three Anglos in a row:Hillier, Natynczyk and Lawson ... just sayin'.

Is there anything barring a Log O or other support trade Officer from becoming CDS ?  It seems to be Mars / Combat Arms / Pilot solely for some reason.

I hope for Vance as well. 
E.R. Campbell said:
We've had three Anglos in a row:Hillier, Natynczyk and Lawson ... just sayin'.

Does that matter anymore as they should be proficient in both official languages ?
If we a going with a Politically Correct selection, why not Whitecross ? Purple trade and female. (All this and good at her job too) just sayin ...