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Your Favorite Military Video Game

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I just remembered I have the original Panzer General still (though I'm more concerned about finding the old 'Outlaws' and 'Jedi Knight' games my brother used to have - he says they're one place, they're not, and my mom swears she didn't throw them out or sell them???)

I used to like a turn based game for the Genesis called:  Operation '44, I think.  Hmm . . . now I'm not sure.  You pushed a series of divisions around a map in battles from France 40 to Bulge 44.  It started by selection your generals, and you could actually boost their ratings by just hitting random about 50 times to find the best combo.  :)   I could play that for hours!   I remember once that I was repulsing the Bulge and four of my understength divisions got wiped by one German Panzer div that itself was understrength and still managed to retreat with a handful of jagdtigers!  :(

I guess you can see I haven't played many recent games, but one of my favs is Conquest of the New World.  One of those 'Civilization' types, where you could be English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Natives.   You started at 1492 and each turn was a year up to 1860 or thereabouts.  Mostly exploration and building farms, towns, industry and defence.  Battles were always a bit tough, and time consuming, so I always went 3/5 to 1 and simulated it.  :)
Favourites eh? Well, there is a laundry list. I started out in '98 is good ol' C&C. I then found Panzer General II and played it, but never passed the final mission (must be too moist in the southern US). After that I went through the Campaign Series on both fronts. I've handled Steel Beasts and loved blowing up russian armour and hearing the crewmembers do there thing (liked the Leopard system best). I've also done Age of Empires, but not the 3rd installment. Combat Mission and the Total War series have my interest right now.

Edit to add I spent a lot of time in CC2 and CC3
I used to like the "close combat" series

Now i cant put down "Dangerous waters".......

If only playing that would write-off the requirement for me to go to the simulator twice a year
alfie said:
Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30 and the sequel Earned in Blood (made in Canada) best and most realistic ever played. Advantage over Call of Duty is the AI for the bad guys always changes what they do

+1 to that

My only problem is that a kill shot is not always a kill.
Novalogic's Joint Operations:Escalation.
(and IC3 mod)

A good overall military style first person shooter.  Based around infantry with
various land vehicles and helicoptors for combat support and transport.  Excellent
terrains, structures and ability to use camoflauge.  Ability to design custom maps
for many gametypes.  Various types of personal weapons and explosives however
ballistics and perception characteristics are not exactly "realistic".  The beauty of the
game is on-line teamplay.
Your soo lucky. My computer isn't good enough for it :(

And my friend at cadets laughs at me because I can't play Joint Ops or BF2 or about any other games except for AA(Dont play anymore) and Wolfenstein:ET(Dont play anymore either)

I'm just trying now days to find an actual REALISTIC game. The other games get boring too quick
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Played all the Ghost's on Xbox and xbox 360 mainly played on computer.
Call of Duty 2 is defiantly one of my favourites, I've spent far too much time playing that one.  CoD3 is coming out soon I think.  I’ve see a few screenshots, looks pretty good.  The graphics look sweet as well.
Duzty said:
Call of Duty 2 is defiantly one of my favourites, I've spent far too much time playing that one.  CoD3 is coming out soon I think.  I’ve see a few screenshots, looks pretty good.  The graphics look sweet as well.

I heard CoD3 is going to finally have the canadians in it.  ;D .....from what i remember it's going to be operation overlord.
davidhmd said:
Not so much a pure military game, but last weekend my girlfriend and I picked up a good ol' N64 at a flea market and lo and behold what came with it, but Golden Eye and the rumble pack. Now that was an awsome FPS.

I remember that game. It was like cooler than cool. Me and 3 buddies would play it like every weekend. We knew all the secrets on the levels. And I miss being able to carry like 100 different guns.

I got Battlefield Vietnam :)
The Helicopters are soo hard to fly. And fly a bit unrealistic. You can basically do loops in the Huey. Still fun :)
gnome123 said:
I heard CoD3 is going to finally have the canadians in it.  ;D .....from what i remember it's going to be operation overlord.

Picked up the game.  You CAN be Canadian in it.  I thought that was pretty cool, although you can't be a cdn in the multiplayer. 

Fun game, but not as good as COD2.
Spent the most time playing Ghost Recon on Xbox Live when it first came out. I was camped out in my room playing that game probably 10 hours maybe more for a good 3 months straight no lie
Battlefield 2 is extremely fun, but you need a really good computer to play it well. SOCOM 3 is good, my favourite part is when you get to customize your weapon, and the rest of your teams. When it comes to Turn-based and Real-time strategies, Medieval 2:Total War (addictive!) and Rise of Nations.
Watch for Medal of Honour "Airborne" set in operation Market Garden due out in March promos look good.
I starting to play commander in BF2, you're to dam busy running the war to shoot at anyone or fly a jet.
Conflict Desert Storm 1 & 2 were great - it was the first time a player could choose to be a non US character, especially as the US Navy Seals never operated as a unit in Gulf 1!
Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin and Africa Corps.  Amazing what 5 guys in rural Pennsylvania can come up with.  They have managed to get the weapon and unit characteristics correct historically, and the physics work correctly.  Morale works correctly.  Weather affects combat realistically.  And it is not a "click fest" which is a boon for older thumbs.

The game is flexible enough to fairly realistically recreate the "squad leader" type turn based combat from Platoon to Battalion level.  You can play your friends worldwide by emailing them a "turn".  The game is supported by an extensive modding community that has upgraded virtually every uniform, vehicle and terrain graphic, and created thousands of maps and scenarios.  You can make your own maps and scenarios.  And you can play Canadian.
Well many of you may not have heard of this one, Dai Senryaku VII: Modern Military Tactics for XBOX was a fun turn based strategy game with all aspects of air see and land. I had a wide variety of nations, and their unique toys. There is no update patch for the 360 though.
I'd have to say Battlefield 2, hands down.  Excellent graphics and interface, plus you get both first person shooter and the option to command.  I haven't checked it out, but I've heard that there is a Canada mod for BF2 where you can be a JTF2 Ninjasniper  :cam: