12th Manitoba Dragoons

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12th Manitoba Dragoons
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Headquarters: Verden, Man., Canada
Regimental Birthday: 1 July 1903.
Current Role: The Supplementary Order of Battle

12th Manitoba Dragoons

The 12th Manitoba Dragoons are on the Supplementary Order of Battle.

In 1964, the Honourable Paul Hellyer, Minister of National Defence, announced sweeping changed to be carried out in the organization and establishments of the Canadian Army. The Army itself would be integrated into a new entity called the Canadian Forces (CF). Overall the manpower would be reduced both because of the greater efficiency of the CF organization and in order to free up money needed for new capital projects. The Militia, likewise was to be reorganized and revitalized. As a first step, several regiments of the RCAC were converted to non-armoured roles and several more were reduced to nil establishment and placed on the Supplementary Order of Battle.

The revitalization of the Militia was not achieved and the Corps was left the poorer by the loss of these historic regiments.

In the late 1960's, the Regular component of the Corps was subject to a traumatic restructure and the end result was the loss to the Regular Force of The Fort Garry Horse. In the 1990's, a similar traumatic restructure, again saw the loss of a Regular Force Armour unit, The 8th Canadian Hussars (PL). Both of these units still live on in their Reserve Force units.


The 12th Manitoba Dragoons trace their lineage to 1 July 1903 when they were raised in Verden Manitoba on 1 July 1903. The Regiment was amalgamated with the Border Horse 31 Jan 1935, and Redesignated the 18th Armoured Car Regiment (12th Dragoons) 1 April 1946. The final designation, 12th Manitoba Dragoons, was authorized 19 May 1958. Historical Section.

Battle Honours

The 12th Manitoba Dragoons has been awarded eighteen Battle Honours, of which 12 are emblazoned on their Guidon.

Regimental Anniversaries

The Regimental Birthday is 1 July 1903.

Allied and Affiliated Units

The 12th Manitoba Dragoons maintained a Regimental Affiliation with their Allied Regiment:

  • 12th Royal Lances (Prince of Wales).

Regimental Music

Music of 12th Manitoba Dragoons consist of a Regimental March, “Colonel Bogey”.

Regimental Prayers and Hymns


The motto of 12th Manitoba Dragoons is UBIQUE HONOR ET EQUIS. The motto translates to "everywhere honour and equality".

The 12th Manitoba Dragoons Historical Section

Traditional Uniform

20th Border Horse: Scarlet Uniform with yellow Facings.

XII Manitoba Dragoons: Scarlet Uniform with white Facings and white Plume.

Published Histories

There is currently a few Published Histories covering the history of the 12th Manitoba Dragoons and their predecessors.

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