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Current Canadian Army Rank Insignia

Commissioned Officers

NATO Code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 Student Officer
Royal Canadian Navy No equivalent Canadian Admiral Shoulder Board.png
Canadian Vice-Admiral Shoulder Board.png
Canadian Rear-Admiral Shoulder Board.png
Canadian Commodore Shoulder Boards.png
Generic-Navy-O7.svg Generic-Navy-O5.svg Generic-Navy-O4.svg Generic-Navy-O3.svg Generic-Navy-O2.svg Generic-Navy-O1.svg Cdn-Navy-NCdt.svg
Admiral Vice-admiral Rear-admiral Commodore Captain(Navy) Commander Lieutenant-commander Lieutenant(Navy) Sub-lieutenant Acting sub-lieutenant [[Naval
Amiral Vice-amiral Contre-amiral Commodore Capitaine de vaisseau Capitaine de frégate Capitaine de corvette Lieutenant de vaisseau Enseigne de vaisseau de 1re classe Enseigne de vaisseau de 2e classe Aspirant de marine
Canada No Equivalent CDN-Army-Gen-Shoulder.svg CDN-Army-LGen-Shoulder.svg CDN-Army-MGen-Shoulder.svg CDN-Army-BGen-Shoulder.svg Cdn-Army-Col(OF-5)-2014.svg Cdn-Army-LtCol(OF-4)-2014 - Copy.svg Cdn-Army-Maj(OF-3)-2014 - Copy.svg Cdn-Army-Capt(OF-2)-2014.svg Cdn-Army-Lt(OF-1A)-2014.svg Cdn-Army-2Lt(OF-1)-2014.svg Cdn-Army-OC-2014.svg
General Lieutenant-General Major-General Brigadier-General Colonel Lieutenant-Colonel Major Captain Lieutenant (Pronounced lef-tenant) Second Lieutenant Officer Cadet
Général Lieutenant-général Major-général Brigadier-général Colonel Lieutenant-colonel Major Capitaine Lieutenant Sous-lieutenant Élève-officier

Royal Canadian Air Force No Equivalent CDN-Air Force-Gen-2015-Shoulder.svg

CDN-Air Force-General (OF9)-2015.svg

CDN-Air Force-LGen-2015-Shoulder.svg

CDN-Air Force-Lieutenant General (OF8)-2015.svg

CDN-Air Force-MGen-2015-Shoulder.svg

CDN-Air Force-Major General (OF7)-2015.svg

CDN-Air Force-BGen-2015-Shoulder.svg

CDN-Air Force-Brigadier General (OF6)-2015.svg

CDN-Air Force-Colonel (OF5)-2015.svg CDN-Air Force-Lieutenant Colonel (OF4)-2015.svg CDN-Air Force-Major (OF3)-2015.svg CDN-Air Force-Captain (OF2)-2015.svg CDN-Air Force-Lieutenant (OF1A)-2015.svg CDN-Air Force-2nd Lieutenant (OF1B)-2015.svg CDN-Air Force-OCdt-2015.svg
General Lieutenant General Major General Brigadier General Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Captain Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Officer Cadet
Général Lieutenant-général Major-général Brigadier-général Colonel Lieutenant-colonel Major Capitaine Lieutenant Sous-lieutenant Élève-Officier

Non Commissioned Members

NATO Code OR-9 OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5 OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1

Royal Canadian Navy Cdn-Navy-CPO1(OR-9).svg CDN-Navy-CPO2.svg CDN-Navy-PO1.svg CDN-Navy-PO2.svg CDN-Navy-MS.svg CDN-Navy-LS.svg CDN-Navy-AB.svg CDN-Navy-OS.svg CDN-Navy-OS.svg
Chief Petty Officer 1st Class
Premier maître de 1re classe
Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class
Premier maître de 2e classe
Petty Officer 1st Class
Maître de 1re classe
Petty Officer 2nd Class
Maître de 2e classe
Master Seaman
Matelot-chefe classe
Leading Seaman
Matelot de 1re classe
Able Seaman
Matelot de 2e classe
Ordinary Seaman
Matelot de 3e classe
Ordinary Seaman (Recruit)

Canadian Army Cdn-Army-CWO(OR-9).svg CDN-Army-MWO.svg CDN-Army-WO.svg CDN-Army-Sgt.svg CDN-Army-MCpl.svg CDN-Army-Cpl.svg CDN-Army-Pte.svg CDN-Army-Pte (Basic).svg CDN-Army-Pte (Basic).svg
Chief Warrant Officer
Master Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer
Master Corporal
Private (Basic)
Soldat (Confirmé)
Private (Recruit)
Soldat (Recrue)

Royal Canadian Air Force Cdn-Air Force-CWO(OR-9).svg Cdn-Air Force-MWO(OR-8)-2015.svg CDN-Air Force-WO.svg Cdn-Air Force-Sgtl(OR-6)-2015.svg Cdn-Air Force-MCpl(OR-5)-2015.svg Cdn-Air Force-Cpl(OR-4)-2015.svg Cdn-Air Force-Avt(OR-3)-2015.svg CDN-Air Force-Pte (Basic).svg CDN-Air Force-Pte (Basic).svg
Chief Warrant Officer Master Warrant Officer Warrant Officer Sergeant Master Corporal Corporal Aviator Aviator (Basic) Aviator (Recruit)
Adjudant-chef Adjudant-maître Adjudant Sergent Caporal-chef Caporal Aviateur Aviateur (Confirmé) Aviateur (Recrue)

Canadian Army Rank Insignia - 08 December 2014 to 2016

The following rank insignia came into effect on 08 December 2014.

Canadian Army Ranks 08 Dec 2014.jpg

Canadian Army Rank Insignia as published in late 1990s

Prior to the reintroductin of the current rank, the Canadian Army rank insignia for officers was as shown below. With only minor variations, this rank insignia had been in use since unification in 1968.





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