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I have a few short questions regarding basic training and entering the army. They mention personal debt on their official web page. Then they add wether or not you have plans on clearing this debt. Obviously some debt that a citizen incurs may be to the government and maybe the army has ulterior motives for asking. I was curious if they go beyond asking and actually audit you upon entrance into the army.I understand this would be very time consuming unlikely and expensive. Remember when your teachers used to say "there are no stupid questions." There are, I'm on the fence wether my previous question is stupid or not. I have no debt to the government or any other organization. I have never cheated on or neglected to pay my taxes.

   On to the next not so paranoid questions with more validity ;). Is basic training paid? I understand that they give you a place to sleep and food of course, but my pockets also yearn for sustenance. If so what is the wage like? Not that it really matters, I mean the experience is probably reward enough. There are people paying to run obstacle courses and endure bootcamps. I don't need the physical training (maybe flexibility training, but I doubt the army is practicing hot yoga) I'm not the pinnacle of physical fitness nor have I maxed out my genetics, but I'm pretty fit. What kind of pace is expected when running, and for how long? My curiosity is exhausted, thank you for reading!