The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment
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The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment

Armorial Description

A maple leaf charged with a beaver, encircled by an annulus, inscribed THE LAKE SUPERIOR SCOTTISH REGIMENT and surmounted by the Crown; below a scroll inscribed INTER PERICULA INTREPIDI; on each side of the annulus, six maple leaves.

Official Abbreviation: Lake Sup Scot R

Motto: Inter Pericula Intrepidi (Fearless in the face of danger)

Battle Honours (34)

First World War

    YPRES, 1915
    YPRES, 1917
    Fustubert, 1915
    Scarpe, 1918
    SOMME, 1916
    Ancre Heights
    Canal du Nord
    Arras, 1917
    Arras, 1918
    CAMBRAI, 1918
    VIMY, 1917
    HILL 70
    France and Flanders, 1915-1918
Second World War
    Falaise Road
    The Laison
    Bad Zwischenahn
    NORTH-WEST EUROPE, 1944-1945

Tartan: MacGillivary

Authorized March: The Highland Laddie

Regimental Headquarters:
The Armoury
317 Park Ave.
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7B 1C7

Honourary Colonel: Colonel P.R. "Jerry" Cook,OStJ,CD
Honourary Lieutenant-Colonel: Lieutenant-Colonel Catherine Paterson,DStJ,DStL
Commanding Officer: Major Donald P.M. Strang,CD
Regimental Sergeant-Major: Master Warrant Officer David J. Coffey,CD
The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment perpetuates the following Regiments:

The Provisional Battalion of Rifles
96th District of Algoma Battalion of Rifles
96th Algoma Rifles
96th The Lake Superior Regiment
52nd, 94th and 141st Battaions, CEF
The Lake Superior Regiment (Motor)

Brief History

The Regiment was raised 30 Apr 1885 and designated The Provisional Battalion of Rifles at Port Arthur, Ontario. It was redesignated the 96th District of Algoma Battalion of Rifles 29 Apr 1887. On 3 Jul 1904 is was renamed the 96th Lake Superior Regiment and redesignated The Lake Superior Regiment 15 Mar 1920. 26 Jan 1943 it became The Lake Superior Regiment (Motor) and on 29 Jun 1949 it was granted approval to become "Scottish", being called The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment (Motor), and 11 Apr 1958 it adopted its present title, The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment. During World War I it sent drafts of over 400 soldiers each to the 8th and 28th Battalions, CEF, raised the 52nd, 94th, and 141st Battalions, the latter two being reinforcement Battalions for "The Fighting 52nd".

The LSSR's Colours

Order of Precedence: 33


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Today in Military History

March 1


Following the failure to take the Panamanian Isthmus, and the deaths of Sir John Hawkins and Sir Francis Drake, the remnants of the previous year's expedition to the West Indies was headed home under the command of Sir Thomas Baskerville when it was caught by a Spanish fleet off the north-west coast of Cuba near the Isle of Pines. Thus occurred the only fleet engagement of the Anglo-Spanish war, other than the Armada battles of 1588. The English ships enjoyed the advantage of the wind, but had to fight through the Spanish in order to get away, past a headland. They succeeded in this, and after a desultory pursuit by the Spaniards, finally got clear and eventually reached England without further mishap in May.


Jean-Armand Dieskau 1701-1767 appointed commander of the French regular troops in Canada.


Disbanding of Lower Canada militia after War of 1812.


During the Indian Mutiny, Lieutenant Aikman, commanding a force of 100 infantry, was alerted to the presence of some 700 mutineers, including cavalry and artillery. Notwithstanding the odds, nor the fire coming from an enemy fort close by, Aikman led his men in an immediate attack, and comprehensively routed his opponents, capturing their artillery. In the process, Aikman received a severe sword wound to the face, but survived to receive the Victoria Cross.


80,000 Ethiopians defeat 20,000 Italians at the Battle of Adowa; end of Italian hopes of building an African empire.


The cruiser HMS Exeter, famed for her role in the defeat of the Graf Spee at the River Plate in 1939, and damaged two days earlier at the Battle of the Java Sea, attempted to escape through the Sunda Strait, escorted by the destroyers HMS Encounter and the USS John D Pope. Not far ahead of them, the Dutch destroyer Evertsen, also making a run for the Strait, was spotted at dawn by Japanese ships and sunk. Daylight allowed Japanese aircraft to spot Exeter and her consorts, and two Japanese heavy cruiser squadrons were tasked to deal with them. The already damaged Exeter fought back for over an hour in a most unequal fight, whilst her escorts did their best to protect he with a smoke-screen. Exeter finally went down at 1130, followed shortly afterwards by Encounter. John D Pope survived a little longer by hiding in a sudden squall, before she too was destroyed by the heavy cruisers.


302 aircraft of Bomber Command mounted a successful raid on Berlin, causing significant damage, including to twenty factories. Some 22 acres of the large railway repair workshops at Tempelhof were destroyed.


Dawson Creek BC - Work begins on the Alaska highway.


Founding of the Canadian Women's Army Corps as part of the Canadian forces; CWACs have full military titles and hold commissions.


In an infantry attack at Kervenheim in the Rhineland, soldiers from the King's Shropshire Light Infantry were pinned down by heavy machine-gun fire from a farmhouse. Private Stokes dashed forward alone and, despite being wounded, broke into the building, emerging shortly afterwards with twelve prisoners. He refused medical attention and attacked a second building, where he took five more prisoners. Although by now seriously weakened, he insisted on taking part in a third attack, but was killed twenty yards short of his objective. Private Stokes were awarded the Victoria Cross.


VC won by Maj Frederick Albert Tilston, The Essex Scottish Regiment, The Hochwald, Germany


Medical Company 63rd Infantry Regiment Fort Ord, California

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